Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Andradas Day 4

Well today is looking even worse than yesterday as the front is approaching. As I sit here in my hotel room I see the sky closing in around us and am wondering if we will make the 1 hr drive to takeoff. Looking out my window. It seems like it is not worth it to me but unfortunately they only way to find out the decision is to go there and see what they say. This is the view I am seeing out of my window at 9am this morning. This is looking up towards launch which is at the end of the ridge.

Andradas Day 3

Today was very unstable and clouds were developing early. When I arrived on launch most of the pilots were setup and waiting. I kept a close look on the weather and could tell straight away that we would not fly today as it was going to overdevelop. Gringo's on takeoff. They set a 82km task and had every thinking we would fly except for me who still had my glider sitting on the roof of the car. Eventually just before the window open a big cu nimb dumped in front of us and they decided to cancel the day. Moicano thinks he can fly in the storm without his glider. Here is a quick video at launch.

Day 1 Video

Sorry for the delay the internet is slow here and it takes forever to upload a video.
Monday, March 29, 2010

Andradas Day 2

Flying on a sunday in this country should not be allowed as the parties are just to good and before you know it the sun is coming up. Today the forecast was similar to yesterday with over development expected later in the day. A 104km task was set with 3 turnpoints and goal back in the landing field on the south side of launch. The launch conditions were tricky today with a north west wind it was cross on two launches and left most people trying to takeoff the ramp. Dustin and I stayed on the north launch while most others went and lined up at the ramp in a single file. After about 20 mins we got a cycle and ran off and climbed out. I went upwind of the course line to start and waited around until the last start gate. I was flying with 2 others or should I say they were flying with me as I was leading out getting the thermals. After about 45 mins on course I realised I had no phone no phone numbers and no map so I was a little scared of outlanding today. The task was quite difficult as the conditions were changing a lot during the day and it helped to be in the right place at the right time. It was just the case that I was in that spot and managed to make goal in 2hrs 27 mins. I was the only one to make it as the others got shut down from a rain cloud that was dumping on the last turnpoint. The next closest was about 7kms short of goal and Dustin was about 12kms short. Dustin will move into 2nd place 240 points behind me and the next one is another 100 points or more behind Dustin. The weather is not looking good for the next days as it is supposed to rain most of this week. Lets see if we can get another round or 2 in before the comps finishes.

Results for Andradas

For all the latest results look HERE Click on Resultados Superrace for over all results and day results under Superrace for the open class.

Andradas Day 1

After a long journey overnight in the car we arrived in Andradas at 6am on the first day of the comp. I had a sleep in the hotel and woke up at 11am to the sound of Gugga saying come on we have to go otherwise we will miss the day. He was right we arrived on launch and pilots were already taking off and we had only 40 minutes until the first start gate. I quickly set up and tuned my glider that I had just brought over. I managed with the help of some others to get everything done set the gps and ran off the hill 5 mins after the 1st start. I climbed up and headed out to the edge of the start circle 7 kms away and just made the last start gate with Dustin and a few others. We had a good run and caught the 2nd start gate pilots after 2 glides at the first turnpoint. I just followed the gaggle along for awhile trying to recognise everyone in the air and soon found Andre. I managed to get a good climb just before the 2nd turnpoint and Andre came in just below me. We then headed off towards goal and only needed a couple of climbs to get there. I arrived 4th across the line but will be faster than everyone else completing the task in 1hr 42 mins. Dustin was 2nd fastest 3 minutes behind me but will come 3rd for the day behind Davide who started on the first startgate.
Saturday, March 27, 2010


After a long flight on the plane I arrived in Rio De Janeiro last night cleared customs and made it home by 2am. Today I have spent the day re assembling the gliders and talking to all the pilots who are stopping by to pick up their new toys. I am now just waiting for Gugga to arrive soon so that we can make the long 6 hr drive to Andradas tonight to party. Well lets see about that part as I am still jetlagged and the comp starts in the morning. I believe there will be lots of pilots in the comp this year as they are having big problems in Rio with Tandems. Apparently all the Tandems have been closed down this week as the Brazilian Casa has said no more commercial tandems only instructional flights. This has affected many pilots as there is about 70 Tandems pilots that survive on this money to feed their families not to mention enjoy taking people flying for there first times. The comp will only go for 6 days finishing on thursday as there is a big PWC paragliding comp starting there next weekend. I will be back in Rio for 1 week before leaving for America.
Saturday, March 20, 2010

Manilla fun 20th March.

Today was more stable than yesterday so we planned to head north and see what happened with the weather. To add to the fun Dave and I decided to fly without our instruments and tune into the sky. Dave was first to take off and I was soon after and we both climbed out with Marty and Gabor who took just after me. Trev got off a little after us as it was not that great on launch. We all climbed out and headed down the valley except for marty who was out in the valley climbing. Gabor was in front and Dave and Trev came in above me half way down the ridge to the north. We all ended up together right at Tarpoly at the end of the range low. I kept going low and hit one in front while the others climbed behind me. Gabor joined me lower and then I headed off down the valley toward Barraba and got another good thermal and dave who had climbed high behind came gliding in and joined me. We topped out and flew north towards town and Hit another good one just before town and we both climbed high. Trev and Gabor got low and landed just below us so we decided to turn around and fly back to Godfrey's place. I had a great glide and did about 15-20kms before getting low and trying to sort out a climb. After trying to figure out if I was climbing or not I could see that I was after lining up Mt Borah with the horizon. I got high enough and went on final glide to Godrfey's place. Dave came in a little while later as we got separated on the last leg coming back into a slight headwind. It was a fun day out and great practice flying without the instruments and if you have never tried it you should cause it is a whole different sensation. We flew about 65kms out and return and now we are back eating home cooked pizza and telling stories about flying. Here is todays Video.

Manilla Fun

The alarm went off at 4am and it was time to get up and start my next journey. I was off to meet Marty, Trev and Gabor and then we were off to Manilla to meet Dave and Konrado for a fly. We made the 6 .5 hr journey to Manilla and arrived on the west launch to see Dave and Konrado setting up. Dave set a 104km triangle task around Lake Keepit ending back up in townat the airstrip. I was first to climb out with Gabor and we headed off toward the 1st turnpoint getting a good climb out on the flats. Gabor did not get as high and ended up landing on the next glide just near 4 ways. I was getting up to 7,500ft with just a few clouds on my path. I made the turnpoints and was watching Dave slowly catch me up as we flew around the course. I had a very low final glide back into town and only just made it in to the airstrip a couple of mins in front of Dave. He smoked the day starting later and charging hard in the blue getting good climbs. We were the only 2 that made goal, Trev landed at the last turnpoint and Konrado was about 12km short of it. Marty flew around for awhile then landed at Godfreys and grabbed my car to come pick up Dave and I. Here is todays Video