Monday, August 30, 2010

Brasilia Final Results

Here is the top 20. The full results can be found HERE.
# Id Name Nat Glider Sponsor T 1 T 2 T 3 T 4 T 5 T 6 T 7 Total
1 204 Jon Durand M AUS Moyes LS RS 3.5 RedBull / Moyes 877 892 968 983 911 971 960 6562
2 27 André Wolf M BRA Moyes LS RS 3.5 Ondas do Ar 991 924 935 739 788 988 971 6336
3 183 Carlos Alberto Schmitz M BRA Moyes LS RS 3.5 843 771 932 938 931 943 889 6247
4 43 Glauco Pinto M BRA Wills Wing T2C Ford Caminhões 801 844 786 793 919 951 858 5952
5 6 Eduardo Oliveira M BRA Wills Wing T2 Dust Devil 712 847 862 795 913 708 973 5810
6 26 Marcelo Andrei Gomes M BRA Aeros Combat L Aeros/Dust Devi/Mundo Art Global/Ford 762 483 849 739 858 942 944 5577
7 17 Alvaro Figueiredo Sandoli M BRA Wills Wing T2C144 WillsWing/Rotor 728 868 793 740 689 776 959 5553
8 3 Michel Louzada M BRA Wills Wing T2C 144 Cellep/Rotor/Teleatlantic 893 870 327 916 703 660 994 5363
9 15 Marcio Rosadas M BRA Wills Wing T2 WillsWing/Rotor 820 840 802 753 831 377 859 5282
10 25 Eduardo Fernandes M BRA Aeros Combat 818 779 497 754 801 764 838 5251
11 1 Marcelo Ferro M BRA Moyes LS RS4 Ondas do Ar 838 857 327 600 867 734 981 5204
12 53 Carlos Niemeyer M BRA Aeros Combat L 755 867 319 970 850 725 698 5184
13 16 Konrad Heilman M BRA Moyes LS RS3.5 444 652 801 907 760 860 708 5132
14 20 Cedrick Vils M BRA Moyes LS RS 4 WebSoftware / Spot 710 769 813 576 773 595 876 5112
15 8 Max Turiaco M BRA Aeros Combat L 508 864 830 348 839 773 926 5088
16 4 Mario Andre Felske M BRA Aeros Combat L 393 745 804 774 832 650 882 5080
17 51 Alan de Moura Morrison M BRA Wills Wing T2 693 797 732 732 634 578 814 4980
18 10 Alexandre Trivelato M BRA Moyes LS RS 500 886 322 551 905 728 893 4785
19 2 Dorival Agulhon M BRA Moyes LS S Deus 718 859 691 776 65 708 955 4772
20 203 Hakan Andersson M SWE Moyes LS RS3.5 702 668 184 784 865 625 861 4689

Brasilia Day 7

The final day and conditions were only getting better. A short 105km tas was set to ensure that everyone made goal. Cloudbase was again nearly 4,000m and climbs of 5m/s were seen throughout the entire course. Was a sensational day to leave a place like this with good memories of fantastic flying.
I had another good day finishing in 5th place my worst result for the comp, but I only had everything to loose and nothing to gain. I was less than a minute behind the winner and just a few seconds behind Andre.
I won the comp followed by Andre in 2nd and Betinho in 3rd. It was a great result for Moyes winning all but the last day but with 3 in the top 5 still.
Here is a quick video of day 7

Brasilia Day 6

Another fantastic with cloudbase at 3800m a 126km task was set. Again many pilots were very happy to see the normal Brasilia conditions had returned.
Here is Day 6 video

Brasilia Day 5

Today was an amazing day with good climbs high cloudbase and many in goal.
Here is the video.
Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brasilia Day 4

Today was looking better again so a 133km task with 5 turnpoints was set. There were many crosswind and headwind legs so an early start may have been a good choice. Andre and I decided to launch early as we had a 10km entry to the first turnpoint and we wanted to fly around the other side ro get upwind.
I got up high and headed out into the valley and it seemed a whole gaggle was following us with the same idea. There was a gaggle of about 15 or more at the 1st start and noone left they all turned back.
We waited for the next start and I managed to not be in the best position so I decided to wait and Andre turned around to join me. Most others started apart from about 6 of us. We finally started and glided all the way to the first turnpoint and hit a slow climb there.
Andre and I dove off onto the platau to some other gliders turning and hit a 2m/s climb. I left it early as we had been getting much stronger climbs and found a 3 m/s climb further along. 13kms out from the second we hit a boomer and a whole gaggle of us climbed up in a 4m/s climb to 2800m.
Just before the 2nd TP we hit another good one and topped out as we had a headwind leg of 21kms to the 3rd TP. I rounded the TP and glided a little to the right and got a good line and hit a another strong climb.
I managed to gain a little height on the guys I was flying with here and pushed on catching most of the starters in front of me. I rounded the 3rd TP not to far behind Betinho and Boca who were leading the pack.
I got slowed up near the forest and the others caught me back up again. We all then headed off and hit a climb under Betinho about 8kms before the 4th TP. We topped out there but not as high as we should of.
Once we did the 4th TP we had a long headwind glide which put us very low and we spent some time trying to get back up. It was getting late in the day now and good thermals were getting harder to find.
We all pushed low into the forest and I spotted a bird circling downwind so I headed there and called Andre over. We hit a 3m/s climb which got us back up to about 2500m. I was now just below Betinho with Andre and Nene below me a little.
We all glided off to the last turnpoint and hit a lot of sink. I went a little more upwind just before the turnpoint and hit a light climb which I called Andre back to. Nene and Michel were lower and hit a light climb downwind of the turnpoint.
I decided to leave my climb and get the turnpoint and then dive back in on top of Michel and Nene. This worked well as Andre and Hakan stayed and when the arrived into our thermal they were low.
Betinho and I left once the thermal died and Nene and others had to fly back headwind to get the Turnpoint. Betinho and I hit a 3m/s thermal and I stayed in it untill I reached 3000m.
Climbing out in my sexy Moyes Matrix Race.
It was now 5pm and I wanted to stay high as we still had a crosswind of 35kms to go. Betinho kept pushing and I just sat high and turned in any reasonable lift I could find. We both got low just before crossing the lake 13kms from goal.
Betinho found a light climb which was enough to get us into goal. I was second into goal behind Carlos who had gotten high before the 4th Tp unlike us and went past us without us knowing.
I will win the day 7 mins faster than Carlos and betinho will be 3rd about 20 mins slower than me. It was a very tough day and only Michel and Konrado were the last ones to make goal. Andre and many others landed about 15kms short which was easy to do at this time of the day.
I will move into 1st place and Andre will got to second and Betinho will stay in 3rd. The weather is improving everyday so hopefully tomorrow will be another good day.
Here is the video from the last 2 days.
Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brasilia Day 3

Another blue day and the task comittee calls a 122km task with 3 turnpoints the goal at the Esplanada. The wind backed off a lot from the last 2 days and people were actually getting low off take off.
I launched and hit 4m/s to 2000m and headed down to the start 5km down the ridge. I was in great position for the 1st start and headed out about 4 kms on course then turned around as some key players were not with us.
When the 2nd start came I was low in the valley and missed the start which all but Betinho and I took. We waited for another 15 mins then started and did a long glide coming in below the stragglers from the 2nd start.
We were pushing hard and by the time we reached the 1st turnpoint we were below the main gaggle. I went low towards the platau by myself as the main gaggle had gone off course line a little. I hit a 4m/s climb and Betinho came in and joined we topped out to 2400m.
We were more upwind and just a little behind the main group now. We got low near the forest and had to take a slow climb which allowed the others behind to catch back up to us. Andre was in front pushing hard by himself as he did the 2nd start.
4kms from the 2nd turnpoint Andre came in below me on his way back to the 3rd turnpoint. I made a little mistake there by not topping out in the thermal as I wanted to just come back and chase Andre down.
There was 20kph winds and many of us got drilled after the 2nd Tp which put some of the key boys on the ground. I eventually got a good climb and pushed forward with a big gaggle to the last turnpoint.
We rounded that and now we were 40kms out from goal with a cross tail wind. We hit a good thermal and we topped out to 2750m highest thermal of the comp so far. Betinho and I had not been more than 1km apart the whole flight and now he had 100ft on me.
I needed to do something to ensure I beat him into goal. 23kms out the gaggle stopped and I kept going low towards goal and was rewarded with a good climb to get me to final height.
I will be 2nd into goal behind Andre and will win the day being 7 mins faster. Betinho will come in 3rd for the day a couple of mins slower than me.
Moyes boys take out the top 3 places again..;-)
Andre is winning, im 2nd and Betinho is 3rd overall.
No video as I left my camera in the car, so you will have to wait.

Brasilia Day 2

Task 2 was 114kms long with 5 turnpoints before heading back to the Esplanada. Andre and I ended up doing the last start as we were not in good position on the 2nd start.

We flew fast and arrived at goal only 15 mins behind the guys that started 30 mins in front of us. Andre will win the day again about 1 minute faster than me then Alex will be 3rd finishing just behind me.

Moyes boys take out the top 3 for the day and all happen to be flying one of Andres gliders. All the same colour and all..

1 27 André Wolf M BRA Moyes LS RS 3.5 Ondas do Ar 14:00:00 16:07:21 02:07:21 50,3 113,64 404,5 63,7 416,8 32,4 917
2 204 Jon Durand M AUS Moyes LS RS 3.5 RedBull / Moyes 14:00:00 16:08:40 02:08:40 49,8 113,64 404,5 56,8 391,4 30,5 883
3 10 Alexandre Trivelato M BRA Moyes LS RS 14:00:00 16:08:59 02:08:59 49,7 113,64 404,5 56,0 387,5 28,9 877
4 3 Michel Louzada M BRA Wills Wing T2C 144 Cellep/Rotor/Teleatlantic 13:30:00 15:54:36 02:24:36 44,3 113,64 404,5 104,2 275,5 74,4 859
5 17 Alvaro Figueiredo Sandoli M BRA Wills Wing T2C144 WillsWing/Rotor 13:30:00 15:54:36 02:24:36 44,3 113,64 404,5 102,1 275,5 74,4 857

Here is a short video of the day.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Brasilia Day 1

Today was looking good with clouds staring early but dissapearing by the time we launched. There are 90 pilots entered in the comp and a 114kms task was set with 3 turnpoints with goal at the Esplanada.
The wind was strong at launch measuring upto 45kph but that did not stop them just wait for a lull and off you go. Once in the air the wind was about 25-30kph and the crosswind zigzag proved difficult for many.
We were only getting 1400m maximum above the platau so many pilots were landing between the first and second turnpoint. I was doing well leading out from the 2nd start but got low on the platau and had to drift downwind to stay in the air.
Andre was above me higher and pushed on for a good climb that I missed and he managed to nearly catch the lead gagle at the first turpoint. He reported getting down to 100m off the ground at the 2nd turnpoint but hit a 4m/s climb, which won him the day.
I was flying with Betinho who has not flown for 5 years and it seemed he has not lost his edge. We were pushing hard trying to catch back up but also got low at the 2nd turnpoint and did not get the strong climb out of there.
I eventually got up and got away from the guys I was with and managed to catch the guys in front of me. Andre and Michel were far infront and I could not see them anymore.
We rounded the last turnpoint and hit a lot of shade which slowed our last part down a little. I eventually hit a good thermal 13kms out from goal topped up and came in 4th across the line.
Andre will win the day 13 mins infront of me and Michel is 2nd only 4 mins slower than me but on the 1st start. Betinho will be 4th and Ferro 5th making 4 moyes boys in the top 5 for the day.
Only 23 pilots made the goal out of 90 so maybe tomorrow the will make a slightly easier task to get more pilots in.
Day 1 winner Andre with his baby girl Valentina.
1 27 André Wolf M BRA Moyes Litespeed RS 3.5 Ondas do Ar 13:45:00 15:49:25 02:04:25 52,5 114,09 554,8 68,9 311,6 55,6 991
2 3 Michel Louzada M BRA Wills Wing T2C 144 Cellep/Rotor/Teleatlantic 13:30:00 15:51:26 02:21:26 46,2 114,09 554,8 77,9 206,1 50,5 889
3 204 Jonny Durand M AUS Moyes Litespeed RS 3.5 RedBull / Moyes Ondas Do Ar 13:45:00 16:02:15 02:17:15 47,6 114,09 554,8 52,7 224,2 41,6 873
4 183 Carlos Alberto Schmitz M BRA Moyes Litespeed RS 3.5 13:45:00 16:07:54 02:22:54 45,8 114,09 554,8 52,2 200,2 30,8 838
5 1 Marcelo Ferro M BRA Moyes Litespeed RS 4 Ondas do Ar 13:30:00 16:02:06 02:32:06 43,0 114,09 554,8 66,8 165,7 45,9 833
For more results and news CLICK HERE
Day 1 Video.