Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Zapata Record Attempt

Well today looks like our real first day of a record with good winds and reasonable lift. Yesterday was also good but considering we had about 8 inches of rain over the weekend it was still a little wet in places making light lift.

It was still a very hard decision to not fly knowing that a 600km flight was possible, However it is unlikely that you will be back to fly the next day which was forecast to be even better.

As I wake up this morning with a text message from Gary at 5:30am it reads this is a great day followed by another fantastic day on thursday. I am excited and could barely sleep all night as it was.

It really reminds me of when I was attempting to fly the Morning Glory sitting in a town with nothing to do until it is the day. When that day comes your excitment levels jumps dramatically and your head is running non stop with good and bad thoughts.

Is it possible to fly 800kms in a hang glider, what happens if I land early and have to watch the others live on there spot trackers all day, Is today the day or is it tomorrow, How early should I be launching to not leave to late but be able to stay in the air.

So many questions and unfortunately no one knows the answer until the day. This could be it how early will we launch, how long will we fly for, who is going to go the furthest with all these top pilots here, well all your questions will be answered in the next 14 hrs so stay tuned.

Watch us live as we attempt to break the current World Distance Record of 700kms

Here is the spot page to track us all on.