Thursday, October 25, 2007

Canungra Classsic

After returning home from Brasil I had very little rest before the Classic started. I received a post card from Atilla,the new current World Champion saying that he wished me luck on winning the classic for the 7th time in a row. Then right at the end of the card he writes " all the best of luck however I will be there to take your tittle away". Atilla was the last person to win the comp back in 2000 and has been here every year since then trying to take the tittle back. Once again this year they decided to use the FTV scoring format which I know makes the scores very tight at the top. On day 1 I was feeling lots of pressure so I decided to take it easy and fly my own task and forget about my opponents. It worked and I won the day 11 minutes ahead of the next pilot. This is how I needed to start the comp off in front and already beating the world champ. We had a great week of flying even getting one flight across the Great Dividing Range and landing out past Warick on the flat lands. The last day saw us with great conditions and a semi triangle was called with a distance of about 90kms. Atilla won the day 20 minutes faster than me which would make the presentation very interesting as the points were going to be super close. Steve Moyes who was in 2nd place going into the last day was bumped out by the Atilla finishing 17 points behind him. I managed to hold my lead by a mere 7 points to claim my 7th Canungra Classic win in a row. As this was the very next comp after the Worlds for Atilla I was happy to be standing up there in front of him. The Presentation night was a blast with our local band consisting of Hang gliding pilots pumping out the beats. To see the full results of the comp CLICK HERE You will notice there are scores there with FTV and without for those interested in seeing the difference.