Monday, August 22, 2011

2011 Brasilia Day 1

Well today the comp started with a 123km zig zag to the Esplanada. I did the 1st start with Andre and a few others and was leading the pack for the first 40 kms until I picked one bad line while the others hit a good thermal behind me. I tried to catch back up and nearly landed and just had to survive and make goal. Andre will win the day 35 mins in front of me and I should be around 10th or so.
It was so nice to be back in a country where you take off and the first thermal you get is 1200 fpm to 9,000ft. It was a great day but was easy to pick bad lines and it played to just watch from behind on many glides. I was very happy with the glider I was test flying today straight out of the box a RS 3.5 he will be a happy pilot tomorrow when he gets to fly it..
The weather is looking like a typical Brasilia with wind and clouds predicted for the next 3-4 days so it should be some good fun racing to be had.. I will try and get some photo's up later and unfortunately my GOPRO camera battery was flat today so no video..