Saturday, March 20, 2010

Manilla fun 20th March.

Today was more stable than yesterday so we planned to head north and see what happened with the weather. To add to the fun Dave and I decided to fly without our instruments and tune into the sky. Dave was first to take off and I was soon after and we both climbed out with Marty and Gabor who took just after me. Trev got off a little after us as it was not that great on launch. We all climbed out and headed down the valley except for marty who was out in the valley climbing. Gabor was in front and Dave and Trev came in above me half way down the ridge to the north. We all ended up together right at Tarpoly at the end of the range low. I kept going low and hit one in front while the others climbed behind me. Gabor joined me lower and then I headed off down the valley toward Barraba and got another good thermal and dave who had climbed high behind came gliding in and joined me. We topped out and flew north towards town and Hit another good one just before town and we both climbed high. Trev and Gabor got low and landed just below us so we decided to turn around and fly back to Godfrey's place. I had a great glide and did about 15-20kms before getting low and trying to sort out a climb. After trying to figure out if I was climbing or not I could see that I was after lining up Mt Borah with the horizon. I got high enough and went on final glide to Godrfey's place. Dave came in a little while later as we got separated on the last leg coming back into a slight headwind. It was a fun day out and great practice flying without the instruments and if you have never tried it you should cause it is a whole different sensation. We flew about 65kms out and return and now we are back eating home cooked pizza and telling stories about flying. Here is todays Video.