Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Gulgong Classic

Hey all, Well sorry for the long pause in writing. I wiould love to give you a excuse for it however it is pretty simple to much flying not enough computering!!! I have just returned home from the Gulgong Classic which was held last week in NSW. The comp started off exciting with 5 from the top 10 pilots in the world there getting ready to take away the trophies. Day 1 saw a dogleg task of 98kms as we had moderate SE winds turning more south as they day progressed. This was mostly due to a thunderstorm that formed to our north sucking in the wind. This made it very difficult for the late starters who ended up at the end of the tow line as we were faced with more crosswind to the first turnpoint. Only a couple of early pilots made the turnpoint and keep going to win the day. Congratulations to Adam parer for wining the day flying 78kms.. Day 2 Well today was lighter winds so we called a 86kms hang glider shaped task with goal at the strip. I towed early today to avoid getting stuck on the ground. Just after I towed up I noticed there was noone towing and I could see what appeared to e a trike pretending to hide amongst the gliders in line. I quickly radioed the ground and found out the trike had a colission with the 4 wheeler dolly retriever. Luckly the kids and trike pilot were uninjured in what could have een really disastorous. Once again the early pilots had a good run with olli wining the day and Dave actually was the last to launch after helping with the accident and smoked the course in just under 2 hours ,however it was not enough to win the day due to early points.. 10 pilots made goal that day. Day 3 More wind again and had 46mm of rain over night so we called a short 56km downwind task. Once again I found myself at the end of the line watching all the top pilots takeoff early. Dave amongst many others started at 2:15pm and raced off for goal. I had a tow and was low at the start gate and decided to wait a little longer as I was not in position for such a short task. I ended up landing again at the strip and towed up just in time for the last start 3:30pm I had heard Dave say that he just made goal so I knew it had taken just over 1 hour. I waited for the start and raced off quickly not stopping for anything shitty. A couple of good thermals and then all of a sudden there was goal I pushed my final glide arriving there with just enough height to turn into the wind. I will end up 5 minutes faster than the winner and lose 100 points in early departures and arrivals finishing 4th for the day.. Well the rest of the comp was rained out so there were no more comp days just free flying.. Congrats to the winners. Attilla 1st Olli 2nd Adam 3rd. got to go flying now tchau.