Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stanwell Park Test Flying.

After 10 hrs of driving in the rain to Sydney Ant and I built my new Glider. We got some sleep then drove down to Stanwell park for some test flying. Ant decided to test fly my old RS3.5 and I was flying my brand new toy. There were 3 Canungra boys having their first flights down here. Ant, Scotty and sean all had great flights and Joel mananged to wash his glider in the salt water.. He tells us that he landed just short but we think otherwise as he carrys his glider back wet. We flew for about 3 hrs enjoying the perfect conditions on the christmas holidays. Here is Video of the days activities.
Sunday, December 20, 2009

A boys day out.

Today it was Ant's 30th Birthday party so 16 of us out to play 18 holes of golf. It was a great day of fun with lots of drinking and swinging. Im sure who actually won cause we did not get to finish the full course.
The crew getting ready to Tee off.
Some of us even went swiming..
What do you mean Dave was swimming!
After golf we continued the party at Ant's house near Canungra. It was a great night and many of us learned that you should never play darts against Ant's father.
Dave, Morgan and Ant partying away. Morgan and I playing darts.
Here is a video from golf. It contains course language so be warned..
Friday, December 18, 2009
Setting up at Flying Fox..
Climbing out over launch. looking north east towards the Gold Coast.
Flocky climbing out over Lamington National Park.
The Famous Mt Warning.
Looking out to Byron Bay beach. Looking north towards Queensland.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

An amazing day out flying.

Today the wind had swung around to the NNE so it was off to Flying Fox Launch. I will write more tomorrow but for now here is a quick video from today.
Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Beach flying

Today was blowing North again which makes it rough and average to fly from Tambo. After checking some weather observations it was decided on a trip to the beach. One of the biggest problems we have here is that we can never get a strong East wind. This is the direction we need to make it soarable on our dunes. You can see how our beach raps around to the north when you go south to Coolangatta. You will see the river mouth on bottom right which is where I was flying. We have been looking at different locations for a NE wind as this comes nearly everyday as sea breeze. We had found a few sites last week that looked like we could fly from in these conditions. We went to the first site and realised that it was actually North wind which was making it even harder to find a beach site. We kept driving south knowing the beach raps around and faces the north down near coolangatta. We arrived there but there were no sand dunes to soar so we kept driving around looking for something. We arrived at D' Bah just inside NSW border and saw the rock wall heading out into the ocean. This is the rockwall. No room for error flying this site. After a short walk out there it was decided to give it a shot. The wind was straight on but it was a little gusty which is never the best for dune gooning. We quickly set up my new Moyes Malibu that has been sitting never flown for the last 7 months in the Moyes factory. I hooked in and the boys walked me out holding me down so I did not blow away. I found a rock and jumped off the wall and spent the next 10 mins soaring. I was starting to get some height when the gust came through so I headed out along the wall. I got about half way out and turned around as it was quite intimidating. I got hit by a strong gust and had to pull in so much to avoid getting blown over the rock wall and into the river mouth that I lost all my height. Heading out into the wild blue ocean. I tried to get back to the beach but did not make it and ended up landing in the surf in knee high water. My parachute stayed dried and so did the glider so was quite lucky considering the adventure I went on. I had a few more flights from the beach where I would just walk right back to the rock wall lean forward and push out. I managed to get airborne a few times from this method which saved getting the glider back up the sharp rock wall. Here is a short video of the days flying. Sorry it is a bit boring as I cant load music to it on youtube..Click Here
Thursday, December 03, 2009
I woke up at 5am hoping for a record day but saw no clouds so I kept sleeping. I kept waking up every half hour looking out my bedroom window and saw nothing but blue skies and a south wind blowing. Jonas and I eventually went to takeoff at 9am and setup with a few others. Big Jon and Judy came up a little later and I helped him setup before I launched. Jonas was first off and was up and soaring the Tim launched and also was climbing. I ran off and glided all the way down the ridge to the North East and hit a climb with Jonas. We climbed slowly up whislt the others were launching. I eventually topped out at base in the valley in front of launch waiting for the others to climb up.

Jonas and I left and headed over the back to Hinchcliff's launch and we climbed out to base in a strong 800fpm climb to 5,000ft asl. We did a long glide across the Kerry valley and hit a light climb. Jonas went searching down lower and eventually landed 10 mins later. I dove off and got low SW of Baudesert and hit a rough 400 fpm climb to 4,000.

Looking Back across the kerry valley towards Beechmont.

It was decided on Lake moogerah for a goal which is just before the beautiful Great Dividing Range. I stayed quite high untill just south of Boonah then I went downwind towards Mt French. I got a good climb there and headed to the south side of the lake for some clouds.

Looking at lake Moogerah from the NE with Cunninghams Gap in the background.

I did not get the lift I was looking for so I flew back to the lake to land. I hit a thermal right on the lakeside and cranked up again with a sea eagle. I then finally landed on the edge of the lake and was greeted by an old school friend. A few minutes later my Mum and Jonas arrived and Big Jon landed for the camera. A quick video from today.