Friday, February 19, 2010

Manilla 2010 Task 4

Today was a classic race day with a 122km downwind task called to Wee Waa. I think about 30 pilots made goal and I won the day averaging a speed of 68kph. There were a lot of happy faces in goal and many great stories being told tonight of peoples journey's. Here is a video of Day 4.

Manilla 2010 Task 3

Day 3 saw us taking off from the SE launch and heading west for a 107km dogleg task to the west. I had a bad day landing only about 30kms from launch but 6 pilots made the task with Scott Barrett winning the day in front of Bruce Wynne and John Smith. Here is day 3's Video.

Manilla 2010 Task 2

Day 2 saw a great day with a 128km dogleg task landing in Gravesend. There were some slows spots in the course and some very fast parts making it a challenging task. I won the day in 2hrs 25mins followed closely by Ovyind and Dave seib. Here is a short video of the day.

Manilla 2010 Task 1

Day one was difficult with a southerly wind kiciking in and making the return leg difficult. I was the only one to complete the task in 2hrs 20 mins and Scott was next closest landing 7 kms short of goal. Here is a quick video to show you how the day was.