Monday, March 29, 2010

Andradas Day 1

After a long journey overnight in the car we arrived in Andradas at 6am on the first day of the comp. I had a sleep in the hotel and woke up at 11am to the sound of Gugga saying come on we have to go otherwise we will miss the day. He was right we arrived on launch and pilots were already taking off and we had only 40 minutes until the first start gate. I quickly set up and tuned my glider that I had just brought over. I managed with the help of some others to get everything done set the gps and ran off the hill 5 mins after the 1st start. I climbed up and headed out to the edge of the start circle 7 kms away and just made the last start gate with Dustin and a few others. We had a good run and caught the 2nd start gate pilots after 2 glides at the first turnpoint. I just followed the gaggle along for awhile trying to recognise everyone in the air and soon found Andre. I managed to get a good climb just before the 2nd turnpoint and Andre came in just below me. We then headed off towards goal and only needed a couple of climbs to get there. I arrived 4th across the line but will be faster than everyone else completing the task in 1hr 42 mins. Dustin was 2nd fastest 3 minutes behind me but will come 3rd for the day behind Davide who started on the first startgate.