Monday, October 26, 2009

Morning Glory Vid from Austria.

Here is a short video from the main Red Bull headquarters in Austria.
Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thursday Night Live Quiz

Interview on Thursday Night Live.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nikon Morning Glory Video ineterviewing Mark Watson

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Canungra Classic Day 4

Today was tricky to pick the right hill to launch from to get the whole field off. Beechmont was the call, so we raced up to launch and set up in light winds. A 95.5km task was called with two turnpoints and a goal at Lake Moogerah. It was a hard day to get up and many pilots bombed out on thier first flights. I was as low as I have ever been today at Beechmont and got back up. Lake Moogerah Goal Field. The top 8 pilots in front of me did not launch in the push as many were bombing out. I took off got up from very low made the first start time and flew bymyself the whole way to goal. Many Gliders at goal. It was great day out many pilots made goal including 6 from re-flights. I won the day in 2hrs and Rohan was 2nd taking the 12:15 start time with a 2hrs 10min time. Tomorrow we have similar weather forecast so hopefully we will have another great day here in Canungra. Daniel Shaw First Goal...
Monday, October 05, 2009

Competition Results

Here is a link to the comp webpage which has the latest SCORES.

Canungra Classic day 3

Today was an early start with briefing on the hill at 9:30 a 77km task was called with 3 turnpoints. I had organised for the Red Bull girls to come out and energise the pilots before the flight. Energising before setting up. After some Red Bull I took off and climbed out to base. Cloudbase was only about 4,000fy early but soon lifted as we headed west. I was not ready for the first start and was in position and started on the 2nd clock. My cheer squad on launch. I flew for 2 thermals headwind and then decided to turn back and do the last start with Rohan and Ricky. I did not have a good start and spent the first part of the flight catching up to Ricky and Rohan. We had managed to catch the leading gaggle just at the 1st turnpoint but I was 2,000ft lower. I then glided more west then the others toward the 2nd turnpoint. I hit a strong 1,000fpm lift and was joined by Ricky who turned around to join me. We then went on glide and passed over everyone and I stopped in a 500fpm climb with Ricky. After a few turns I left and pushed on toward the turnpoint for a better climb. When I got there it was another 1,000fpm climb to 6,000ft asl. I was now 7kms from the turnpoint so I raced off did the turnpoint and then headed back for a cloud street. I got a 700fpm climb headed a little to the north of the next turnpoint under the clouds and then glided into the last turnpoint. I hit another 600fpm climb and topped out until I had a 10:1 glide into goal. I will win the day in a time of 1hr 36mins and 49 secs about 13 mins faster the Ricky Duncan in 2nd. Big jon will be next in but Rohan will come third for the day as he started 15 mins later. Day winner. The day turned out good and the chance we had of over development did not explode instead just got higher bases and stronger climbs. We have similar forecast for the next days so lets see if we get some more task in.
Sunday, October 04, 2009

2009 Canungra Classic Day 2

Here is a quick video of today's task.
Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sunrise Interview

Today is a busy day for me and hang gliding in Australia. I just returned from doing an interview with Koshie and Nat from Sunrise on channel 7. Here us a link to watch the live show and interview with me.. SUNRISE INTERVIEW I am now off to do something with Wide World of Sports for this sunday. I will also be live on Fox sports tonight...