Saturday, March 27, 2010


After a long flight on the plane I arrived in Rio De Janeiro last night cleared customs and made it home by 2am. Today I have spent the day re assembling the gliders and talking to all the pilots who are stopping by to pick up their new toys. I am now just waiting for Gugga to arrive soon so that we can make the long 6 hr drive to Andradas tonight to party. Well lets see about that part as I am still jetlagged and the comp starts in the morning. I believe there will be lots of pilots in the comp this year as they are having big problems in Rio with Tandems. Apparently all the Tandems have been closed down this week as the Brazilian Casa has said no more commercial tandems only instructional flights. This has affected many pilots as there is about 70 Tandems pilots that survive on this money to feed their families not to mention enjoy taking people flying for there first times. The comp will only go for 6 days finishing on thursday as there is a big PWC paragliding comp starting there next weekend. I will be back in Rio for 1 week before leaving for America.