Monday, March 29, 2010

Andradas Day 2

Flying on a sunday in this country should not be allowed as the parties are just to good and before you know it the sun is coming up. Today the forecast was similar to yesterday with over development expected later in the day. A 104km task was set with 3 turnpoints and goal back in the landing field on the south side of launch. The launch conditions were tricky today with a north west wind it was cross on two launches and left most people trying to takeoff the ramp. Dustin and I stayed on the north launch while most others went and lined up at the ramp in a single file. After about 20 mins we got a cycle and ran off and climbed out. I went upwind of the course line to start and waited around until the last start gate. I was flying with 2 others or should I say they were flying with me as I was leading out getting the thermals. After about 45 mins on course I realised I had no phone no phone numbers and no map so I was a little scared of outlanding today. The task was quite difficult as the conditions were changing a lot during the day and it helped to be in the right place at the right time. It was just the case that I was in that spot and managed to make goal in 2hrs 27 mins. I was the only one to make it as the others got shut down from a rain cloud that was dumping on the last turnpoint. The next closest was about 7kms short of goal and Dustin was about 12kms short. Dustin will move into 2nd place 240 points behind me and the next one is another 100 points or more behind Dustin. The weather is not looking good for the next days as it is supposed to rain most of this week. Lets see if we can get another round or 2 in before the comps finishes.