Monday, August 27, 2007

Copacabana Beach

Chris and Jamie on the esplanade!!

After a big night we did not wake up until after midday. We went down to Copacabana beach had some smoothies and a light bite to eat. We then walked down the esplanade almost the full lenght of the beach. Jamie found her self a massage beach side while Chis and I relaxed at a beach hut.

Chris and I relaxing at the beachsdie!!

We checked out some of the amazing bikini's that are on offer here some of them seemed to get lost. Once Jamie was finished we walked down the beach shoreside watching the active Brazilians playing on the beach.

The Crowded Copacabana Beach!!

These guys and girls know how to kick a ball and keep it in the air forever. The water was cold so none of us got more than our feet wet before returning to the famous Copacabana poolside for a quiet drink.
We were still tired from last night so we caught a cab to Rio Shopping which is across the road from Guga's house and had some dinner. we are now just taking it easy at home despite all the big parties going on around us.

Party Time

Well I host Leonarda took us to an all you can eat pizza place in Ipanema. We met some of her friends there had a few drinks then went out in Lapa. Lapa is pretty much downtown Rio and is very famous for its street parties.

This is Chris with some of his fans!!

Jamie needed to work so she went home and we went out to experience the Rio night life. It was a great night out and this place we went to was amazing 3 levels of about 30 bars in the club. Each level had different music and they place was fullly packed with some amazing sights.

Me just getting into the groove!!!

The club itself was full of antiques worth hudreds of thousands of dollars on Ebay.
The people were friendly and I even sat in on a birthday party and ate some of their cake. My portuguese seems to be getting better especially after a couple of Caparinha's are in teh system. Chris was quite impressed with his first real Brazilain experience.

Some of our friends that we met during the night!!
Sunday, August 26, 2007

De Ja Vu

Well after a long journey on the plane we arrived and were greeted by Dan the man. He took us to Guga and Simone's house in Botaogo just behind the famous Copacabana beach. They live in a highrise on the top floor 25th story that overlooks the whole city.

This is looking towards Sugarloaf Mt!!

This is looking out another window at the Christo!!

This place is amazing and we are so lucky to have such good friends like this.
We went to dinner last night with them and Konrado in Barra to a all you can eat resturant that had the most amazing food. We ate and drunk untill we could not stay awake before returning home.

This is some of the sand creations that are made in Copacabana!!

We slept great and did not wake up until 11am this morning. We then decided to go for a drink at the Famous Copacabana Palace Hotel. After that we caught a cab down to the landing Zone in Sao Conrado beach. We met some pilots there and ate some Acai famous frozen fruit only to be consumed in Brasil.

The famous Sugar loaf mountain. This is where we had the Giants Of Rio party..

Then it was time to meet Leonarda Nixon's daughter who was going to take us to the Christo which stands high above Rio De Janeiro on the mountains. It took some circles to get there by car but the view was all worth while once we reached the top.
Here are some photo's of our journeys today.

Jamie and Chopper settling into Brasil high above Rio!!
Monday, August 20, 2007


For the results of the World Championships CLICK HERE
Wednesday, August 15, 2007

285kms longest goal ever!!

The weather was looking good again today and with a rest tomorrow it was no suprise to see a 285km task set. kraig and I had slow climbs out of the field and only just made the first start gate. Everyone did the first start and soon the gaggle was split up after 20kms. The main gaggle went to the right for the clouds some went left and some of us went straight.
I ended up with dustin,Mario and a few other good pilots and our group was pushing on great. I was gaining distance on the main gagle after they got slowed down early in the task. About 180kms from goal our gagle met back up with some of the guys that went left. This was Michi, Nene,Maskara,carl and a few other good pilots. This meant our group was now bigger and even stronger so we pushed really hard and were making great time.

Me at goal looking happy!!

Dustin was flying really good leading out and finding most of thermals all day long for us. I just followed as I learnt my lesson 2 days ago when I bombed out. Right at the end we were all together 35kms from goal and my 4030race said I only needed another 800ft to make goal. The group went hard left for a cloud to try and top out so they had the numbers I decided to go straight for goal and I got a jump on them except for Mario. I hit a climb and did a few circles then I spotted Mario come in above me and keep going on final for goal. I followed with Primoz and we had a good final glide making it easy. Just before we crossed I noticed another glider to the left and this was Christain who had been alone all day 26kms left of the course line. I was still happy coming in equal 3rd with primoz 15 seconds behind Mario.
It was not another good day for the Aussies as the other got stuck and were slow into goal. Kriag was 24th and Dave was 39th, Chris 40th and Scott 57th.
60 Pilots made the 285km goal just shows you that there are a lot of really good pilots here. I guess that is why they call it the World Championships.

Waiting for dinner after our long flight I think we were tired!!

I moved up up 13 places into 21st Kraig is 10th,Scott is 17th Dave is 20th. for the full scores check out the link above.

Dust to Glory!!

Today was looking goo for the Aussies with clouds and a 149kms task set we were all ready for another day of battle. we all had a pretty good start and went our own ways. Dave went hard left out of the start gate I went downwind a little then crossed left. Kraig, Scott and Chris went more downwind with the gaggle and seemed to have a better run than me as I was flying a little more in the blue.
Dave was going great and was always in front as he was under the good clouds. About 45kms from goal I met back up with the main gaggle and joined Kraig down low. I made some big mistakes at the end and finished 36th for the day. Our big champion today was Dave winning the task 4 minutes in front of the next pilot recieving the only 1000 points on the score board. He flew great did his own thing and was rewarded and I have to tell you that he was a very happy man in the goal field.

Dave and Jack Nevins at goal after his win!!!

Scott also flew really well placing 7th for the day helping bring our scores back up. I had several reports later that night from some really good pilots saying that scott was very active in the gagle and searching and making good decision. F..king spot on scotty...
Chris and adam did not make goal unfortunately as there were 92 pilots in goal.
The goal field was not ideal and there were many broken gliders as the runways at the airport were the best option for landing. I managed to drop my tip on the ashfalt and tore through my leading edge..

Dreams To Dust!!

Today was a little shorter task 149kms downwind to a airport at Leveland. Dave and scott managed to do the first start and the rest of us were forced to take the 2nd start. The day was not that great and good thermals were far and few in between. I was doing okay at the beggining then I went a different way and got a big jump on the lead gaggle. I decided to try and have a go and push on alone and see if I could wini a day. Well I found one thermal and did not get that high in it so I pushed on and glided all the way to the ground. Well actually I managed to get up probably my lowest ever save, I kept telling myself that if I got up from here I could be a world champion. To my suprise from 65meters off th ground I got back up to 2,000ft above the ground before the thermal stopped. I thought ohh well there must be something better around so I headed off for goal and once again I actually glided all the way to the ground. It is amazing the feelings you get after your feet touch down. Reality starts to settle in and I stood in my harness and watched in 35 degree heat the gaggle fly over me. I was very dissapointed and new that now I had no chance to become the new World Champion. Looks like I will have to wait untill the next one before I get the chance unless a lot of things change here.. It was not a good day for the aussies droppping some positions as only Kraig and Scott made goal. Chris landed a few kms up the road from me and Dave was 30kms short of goal.
Saturday, August 11, 2007

Worlds Day 2

With conditions being a little better than yesterday a 185km dogleg task is called. First leg was downwind 70kms then 115kms crosswind to goal. The Aussie were looking good at the start on top and leading out untill we did one glide and got low and had to scratch for a long time watching the others fly over and dissapear in the distance.
It was a hard day and another easy day to land especially after the turnpoint. The area here is really green and we have not been rewarded with much more than 3-400 fpm climbs ocasionally you will get a good one.

Start gate gaggle !!

Dave, Kraig ,Chris and I flew the whole task together no more than a 1km apart so was a great team effort again today. Unfortunately it was not our day as we took the 2nd start gate and it seems that the 1st start was the one to take today.

Chris Jones 70kms from goal!!

We did well after the turnpoint getting quite low at times but flew as a team and stayed upwind overtaking many pilots. Dave seib will win the day for the Aussies followed closely by Kraig then me a few minutes behind. Chris will end up another couple of minutes behind me and then Scott about 20 minutes or more later with the rest of the gagle.

The Aussie crew at goal in style!!

Attila was 1st to goal today and will end up being 8 minutes slower than gerolf from the 2nd start gate. Hmmm will be interesting to see how the lead out points work today.
The aussies did not do great except there were many good teams not at goal only 2 austrians 1 brazilain and many more missed out.
I think there was a total of about 30+ gliders at goal amazing given the tuff conditions.
I flew on course for 3hrs 50 mins and was about 15 minutes slower than the fastest time. weill it is 1 am here we just got home so it is bedtime..

Where's Scott!!!!!

Seems like since we have been here this is the trend. Somehow scott got left at Walmart the othernight for 3 hrs and then we drove off to th eairport the next day without him. luckily we remembered not long after we left and then on the first day of the comp we realised something again.
There are two launch lines even and odds and for some reason we looked around just before launch and there was Kraig,Dave,Adam,Chris and I.
Hmmmmm I guess that meant Scott was in the ODD line that seems strange but we could not help but say where is scott!!!..

Where is Scott!!! This is like a where is wally Book.
Friday, August 10, 2007

Day 1

Me and Chopper our Aussie driver after pulling out of the USA team due to his broken foot!!

Today was looking a little windy as it usally is here so a 142km task was set downwind. I missed the pilot briefing as I was working onmy glider making some major changes prior to the first day of the Worlds.Hmmmm probably not the best time but Kraig and I have been busy working on everyone elses glider and left our for the last moment.
The Aussies were feeling strong so we took to the air to battle on the rest of the world. We all took the 2nd start gate and it was Dave and I on top of the huge gagle of 100 gliders. I dove off and glided almost all the way to the ground and could not believe that the Worlds was flashing before my eyes. I manages to get a low well maybe very low save and catch back up to the leaders. Dave was out in front then got low like I did and watched us fly over. Kraig and I hooked up and were leading out for a few thermals before I went on a glide a little more to the right and got drilled and had to scratch back up. The lead gagle got away from me and I was now back with the rest of the field some 8kms behind.
Kraig was telling me that they were getting low and were now just trying to stay in the air so I slowed down got high and soon my other partner in crime Dave joined me again after his low save. We pushed on and he found a climb which got us back in front again. This was a day where the leaders were not getting rewarded for being out front.
I decided that I should stay high now only 35kms from goal so that I did not get leapfrogged right at the end and come 30th for the day as there were a lot of gliders within 5kms of me. I stopped for a light climb and they came in level or just below me and some kept going like Attila. He got low but hit a good climb and by the time we got there it was too late they were above us and getting ready for final.
We had a good tailwind and a low final showing 17:1 glide to goal at times and we still made it. Attila will be first followed by Carl walbank then Im not sure. I will cross the line 7th around 1 minute behind Attilla.
They are using gap 2002 here with th leading bonuses so maybe that will help me out today and increse my position. There were some many good pilots that were not at goal including the whole Brazilain team 4 of the Austrians and many more. It was a hard day and a very easy day to land but amazingly enough there were still about 40 pilots in goal.
We had 5 Aussies in goal just missing Adam who dragged down the Brazilians in the middle of knowwhere. I am guessing that Australia will be leading the teams event after day 1..

Opening ceremony

Well everyone is here it is looking like it will be a great comp despite the wet terrain. I organised the Australian team uniform so the Aussies the current World Champions could look smart at the opening ceremony.
We all marched down into the outdoor amphitheatre and everyone commented on how great we all looked in our Aussie uniforms. I have to thank Kat from Katabatic Illustration & Design for doing the design and getting the shirts made. Here are a couple of pics unfortunately my camera died on the way so I will have to get some photos from another team.
After the World Championship had been declared open we all went for a Texas BBQ in the park. Then it was time to head back to the motel where they ran a calcutta for the competition. There were some great buys for the night and for some reason I had the most friends cause I went for $750 US dollars $200 more than the next highest which was Robert Resinger from Austria.
There was a suprise today when Richard and Sue Nevins turned up with the family to help and support the the Aussies. It is great my parents are here Vicki, Bill,Molly everyone is helping us so much I can tell it will be another Aussie tittle.

The Aussies on the way to the opening ceremony!!

Scott at the calcutta!
Friday, August 03, 2007

Last day photos.

Dustin and I on the way to the pilots briefing!!

OB at goal on the last day striking a pose!!

Chilling out back at HQ waiting for the presentation!!