Monday, August 18, 2008

Brasilla Sky's are here.

Well the day after the comp we finally get to see the real Brasillia skies. Here is a picture I took from my hotel yesterday afternoon.

Day 7 Brasillia

Well the final day came all to soon and finally the conditions are getting good. The set a short 90kms task with 2 turnpoints making some crosswind legs before landing in the Esplanada. I think nearly everyone made goal as it was a pumping day. I was flying with Nene and Andre and we broke away from the gaggle after the first thermal. It was a close battle between Nene and Andre all day and I was just following them videoing the action as it unfolded. The winner completed the task in 1hr 17mins 66kph so you can see how good of a day it was. Check the vid below for the inflight entertainment. Sory about the windnoise on some of the video. Day 7 The final results are Nene 1st Andre 2nd and Me 3rd.For the full results CLICK HERE.
Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 6 Brasillia

Today was looking good with some clouds but mostly blue they set a 127kms task with 5 turnpoints. Andre and I started well and were quite far infront and just pushed to low on one glide and we both landed. Awile later the gaggle came over us and probably about 15 made goal. Glauco the local boy will win his first day followed by Nene about 5 minutes later. Check out the inflight footage for more info.. Looking down on launch.. Day 6 For the RESULTS CLICK HERE.
Friday, August 15, 2008

Dropping a day

Well I have just been informed tonight that we will be dropping our worse score similar to the FTV that we have used in Australia. It would have been nice to know this at the beginning of the comp like everyone else did but I guess they were keeping the secret from me. So now we have only 2 days left of the comp so I need to go hard to try and catch up on some lost points.

Equipment for filming

I have had many request from pilots wanting to know what I am using for these films. I am only using my digital still camera in movie mode. The camera is a Cannon Powershot SD 870IS which belongs in my side pocket of my Matrix race. I have no camera mount on my glider I am just holding the camera in my left hand whilst filming. I am using the correct foam to cancel out the wind noise a little but as I am flying a Litespeed there is still some wind noise in the background. I hope this answers most of your questions.

Brasillia Day 5

A 113kms task was set with a very hard 2nd leg to sort out the men from the boys. Unfortunately I was one of the boys today and got stuck after nearly landing. Was good thermals but quite strong wind and if you did not get high or get the strong thermals it was easy to land. For todays video click below. Day 5 Video I hope you enjoy.
Thursday, August 14, 2008

Brasillia Day 4

A 89kms task was set with 4 turnpoints then landing back in Brasillia. The day was a little windy and the climbs were not as good as yesterday. Andre and I had another great start and slowly the gaggle caught up to us between 1st and 2nd turnpoint. I was flying conservative and then got low after missing a thermal that Andre and Nene got after the 3rd turpoint. I had to scratch for awhile before getting up and and heading to goal. I arrived about 6 mins behind Andre and Nene and will come in about 6-7th for the day. For inflight entertainment check the video out below. Day 4
Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Results after Day 3

1 203 JONNY DURAND, Dundee, (Moyes Litespeed RS4) 2918 2 1 ANDRÉ WOLF, André Wolf, (Moyes Litespeed RS4) 2841 3 9 GLAUCO PINTO, Glauco Pinto, (Aeros Combat) DF 2798 4 3 Nene Rotor, (WillsWing T2) 2720 5 30 GERALDO NOBRE, Geraldo Nobre, (Wills Wing T2) 2495 6 5 MICHEL LOUZADA, Michel, (Cellep/Rotor T2) 2459 7 33 GILSON CARVALHO DOS SANTOS, Gilson, (Aeros) 2388 8 13 CESAR CASTRO, Cesar, (Italmaq Combat) RS 2353 9 43 GERALDO MAGELA, Lalado, (Moyes Litespeed S) 2350 10 8 KLAUS KOCH, Klaus Koch, (Moyes Litespeed S 5) 2314 FOR FULL RESULTS CLICK HERE.

Brasillia Day 3

A 122kms task with 4 turnpoints before landing in the Esplanada. Andre and I planned our tactics before launch and the task went as planned. We gained a early lead by having a good start and were able to pull away even more from the gaggle as the task went on. Andre was dragging me along all day so that I could make the videos for you to watch. Day 3 video.
Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Total scores after Day 2

1 203 JONNY DURAND, Dundee, (Moyes Litespeed RS4) AUS 998 959 1957 2 3 ALVARO FIGUEIREDO SANDOLI, Nene Rotor, (WillsWing/RoStoPr T2) 956 986 1942 3 122 JOSÉ GUILHERME LOPES LESSA, Zé Gala, (MR SOL Talon)RJ 946 926 1872 4 1 ANDRÉ WOLF, André Wolf, (Ondas do Ar Litespeed RS4) RS 967 870 1837 5 9 GLAUCO PINTO, Glauco Pinto, (Aeros Combat) DF 935 888 1823 6 30 GERALDO NOBRE, Geraldo Nobre, (Wills Wing T2) RJ 793 954 1747 7 21 MAX TURIACO, Max Turiaco, (Aeros Combat L) RJ 830 914 1744 8 7 MARCIO ROSADAS, Marcinho, (Moyes litespeed RS 3.5)- Ondas do Ar LitespeRedJ RS) 908 777 1685 9 5 MICHEL LOUZADA, Michel, (Cellep/Rotor T2) SP 899 785 1684 10 43 GERALDO MAGELA, Lalado, (Moyes Litespeed RS4) RJ 916 751 1667

Happy Birthday Davis

Davis is having his birthday today im going to say that he must be 61 amazing keep up the good work davis. You look only 50......

Brasillia Day 2

112 kms task with about 20 pilots making goal. Was a hard day with the winner Nene taking 2hrs 55mins on course. I managed to pick the wrong air on final glide and had stop in the middle of the lake to climb and watched Nene fly over me as well as Konrado. There is leading points and I was in front most of the day so that will probably make me 2nd for the day behind Nene. watch the video below to see the action unfolding during the course.
Monday, August 11, 2008

Brasillia Results

For results of the comp you can check out the official site of the comp. It is all in Portuguese but after the pics and writing you will see the scores at the bottom.For the results click HERE.

Day 1 Video

Here is a quick Video I put together of Day 1. I hope everyone is enjoying these video's as much as I am filming them.

Brazil Nationals Day 1

Today we flew 109kms with about 40 pilots making goal in the Esplanada. I was test flying Andre's new stock RS 4 today and was impressed on how well I handled the big glider. I managed to win the day by a little bit over Andre flying his old RS 4. Will make a video of today task later so stay tuned.
Saturday, August 09, 2008

Big Spring International

After the 7th day Glen volk flying his RS 4 is now in the lead. Dustin had an early lead and has now just lost it going into the last day. Lets see who is going to win the comp could be Glen,OB or Dustin and lets not count Kraig out who could still strike from behind. For the results click HERE.

British Nationals

Gerolf is in the lead at the comp and they have only flown 3 days so far. For the results click HERE


After spending the night in Rio i jumped on the aeroplane at 7am and flew upto Brasillia where I met Konrado. He picked me up and took me straight to the take off for a fly. Here is a quick video to show what the flying is all about in Brasillia.
Friday, August 08, 2008


Here is a quick interview with our good friend Gugga.

Finally In Brazil

I arrived in Rio after spending 31 hrs in transit from Sydney via Buenos Aires. My plane was delayed so I had to spend the night well a few hours in Argentina before making the last part of my journey. My Baggage.. Needless to say I went straight to bed at 4pm and woke up at 6am this morning and put together the gliders so that I could tast fly them today. I went up the hill only to find the wind was quite strong from behind. This does not seem to stop the tandem pilots as they just wait for lulls and run off. Tandems all set and ready to go. I waited for awhile before flying and got off for a quick flight before the cold front moved in and shut the day down. Flying above Sao Conrado beach looking back towards the famous Rio Favelas. I landed and started packing up soon as the Brazilan Morning Glory was on its way.I have never seen anything like this in real life. Here is a picture of the cloud rolling in at about 50kph there were 3 sets of rolls clouds that came through with each one producing stronger winds as they moved through.
Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Malibu Fun

Here is a video that we filmed last week in Sydney starring Bruce Wynne. The new Malibu looks to be lots of fun and cant wait to fly it..