Monday, August 23, 2010

Brasilia Day 1

Today was looking good with clouds staring early but dissapearing by the time we launched. There are 90 pilots entered in the comp and a 114kms task was set with 3 turnpoints with goal at the Esplanada.
The wind was strong at launch measuring upto 45kph but that did not stop them just wait for a lull and off you go. Once in the air the wind was about 25-30kph and the crosswind zigzag proved difficult for many.
We were only getting 1400m maximum above the platau so many pilots were landing between the first and second turnpoint. I was doing well leading out from the 2nd start but got low on the platau and had to drift downwind to stay in the air.
Andre was above me higher and pushed on for a good climb that I missed and he managed to nearly catch the lead gagle at the first turpoint. He reported getting down to 100m off the ground at the 2nd turnpoint but hit a 4m/s climb, which won him the day.
I was flying with Betinho who has not flown for 5 years and it seemed he has not lost his edge. We were pushing hard trying to catch back up but also got low at the 2nd turnpoint and did not get the strong climb out of there.
I eventually got up and got away from the guys I was with and managed to catch the guys in front of me. Andre and Michel were far infront and I could not see them anymore.
We rounded the last turnpoint and hit a lot of shade which slowed our last part down a little. I eventually hit a good thermal 13kms out from goal topped up and came in 4th across the line.
Andre will win the day 13 mins infront of me and Michel is 2nd only 4 mins slower than me but on the 1st start. Betinho will be 4th and Ferro 5th making 4 moyes boys in the top 5 for the day.
Only 23 pilots made the goal out of 90 so maybe tomorrow the will make a slightly easier task to get more pilots in.
Day 1 winner Andre with his baby girl Valentina.
1 27 André Wolf M BRA Moyes Litespeed RS 3.5 Ondas do Ar 13:45:00 15:49:25 02:04:25 52,5 114,09 554,8 68,9 311,6 55,6 991
2 3 Michel Louzada M BRA Wills Wing T2C 144 Cellep/Rotor/Teleatlantic 13:30:00 15:51:26 02:21:26 46,2 114,09 554,8 77,9 206,1 50,5 889
3 204 Jonny Durand M AUS Moyes Litespeed RS 3.5 RedBull / Moyes Ondas Do Ar 13:45:00 16:02:15 02:17:15 47,6 114,09 554,8 52,7 224,2 41,6 873
4 183 Carlos Alberto Schmitz M BRA Moyes Litespeed RS 3.5 13:45:00 16:07:54 02:22:54 45,8 114,09 554,8 52,2 200,2 30,8 838
5 1 Marcelo Ferro M BRA Moyes Litespeed RS 4 Ondas do Ar 13:30:00 16:02:06 02:32:06 43,0 114,09 554,8 66,8 165,7 45,9 833
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Day 1 Video.