Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brasilia Day 3

Another blue day and the task comittee calls a 122km task with 3 turnpoints the goal at the Esplanada. The wind backed off a lot from the last 2 days and people were actually getting low off take off.
I launched and hit 4m/s to 2000m and headed down to the start 5km down the ridge. I was in great position for the 1st start and headed out about 4 kms on course then turned around as some key players were not with us.
When the 2nd start came I was low in the valley and missed the start which all but Betinho and I took. We waited for another 15 mins then started and did a long glide coming in below the stragglers from the 2nd start.
We were pushing hard and by the time we reached the 1st turnpoint we were below the main gaggle. I went low towards the platau by myself as the main gaggle had gone off course line a little. I hit a 4m/s climb and Betinho came in and joined we topped out to 2400m.
We were more upwind and just a little behind the main group now. We got low near the forest and had to take a slow climb which allowed the others behind to catch back up to us. Andre was in front pushing hard by himself as he did the 2nd start.
4kms from the 2nd turnpoint Andre came in below me on his way back to the 3rd turnpoint. I made a little mistake there by not topping out in the thermal as I wanted to just come back and chase Andre down.
There was 20kph winds and many of us got drilled after the 2nd Tp which put some of the key boys on the ground. I eventually got a good climb and pushed forward with a big gaggle to the last turnpoint.
We rounded that and now we were 40kms out from goal with a cross tail wind. We hit a good thermal and we topped out to 2750m highest thermal of the comp so far. Betinho and I had not been more than 1km apart the whole flight and now he had 100ft on me.
I needed to do something to ensure I beat him into goal. 23kms out the gaggle stopped and I kept going low towards goal and was rewarded with a good climb to get me to final height.
I will be 2nd into goal behind Andre and will win the day being 7 mins faster. Betinho will come in 3rd for the day a couple of mins slower than me.
Moyes boys take out the top 3 places again..;-)
Andre is winning, im 2nd and Betinho is 3rd overall.
No video as I left my camera in the car, so you will have to wait.