Saturday, August 11, 2007

Worlds Day 2

With conditions being a little better than yesterday a 185km dogleg task is called. First leg was downwind 70kms then 115kms crosswind to goal. The Aussie were looking good at the start on top and leading out untill we did one glide and got low and had to scratch for a long time watching the others fly over and dissapear in the distance.
It was a hard day and another easy day to land especially after the turnpoint. The area here is really green and we have not been rewarded with much more than 3-400 fpm climbs ocasionally you will get a good one.

Start gate gaggle !!

Dave, Kraig ,Chris and I flew the whole task together no more than a 1km apart so was a great team effort again today. Unfortunately it was not our day as we took the 2nd start gate and it seems that the 1st start was the one to take today.

Chris Jones 70kms from goal!!

We did well after the turnpoint getting quite low at times but flew as a team and stayed upwind overtaking many pilots. Dave seib will win the day for the Aussies followed closely by Kraig then me a few minutes behind. Chris will end up another couple of minutes behind me and then Scott about 20 minutes or more later with the rest of the gagle.

The Aussie crew at goal in style!!

Attila was 1st to goal today and will end up being 8 minutes slower than gerolf from the 2nd start gate. Hmmm will be interesting to see how the lead out points work today.
The aussies did not do great except there were many good teams not at goal only 2 austrians 1 brazilain and many more missed out.
I think there was a total of about 30+ gliders at goal amazing given the tuff conditions.
I flew on course for 3hrs 50 mins and was about 15 minutes slower than the fastest time. weill it is 1 am here we just got home so it is bedtime..