Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dreams To Dust!!

Today was a little shorter task 149kms downwind to a airport at Leveland. Dave and scott managed to do the first start and the rest of us were forced to take the 2nd start. The day was not that great and good thermals were far and few in between. I was doing okay at the beggining then I went a different way and got a big jump on the lead gaggle. I decided to try and have a go and push on alone and see if I could wini a day. Well I found one thermal and did not get that high in it so I pushed on and glided all the way to the ground. Well actually I managed to get up probably my lowest ever save, I kept telling myself that if I got up from here I could be a world champion. To my suprise from 65meters off th ground I got back up to 2,000ft above the ground before the thermal stopped. I thought ohh well there must be something better around so I headed off for goal and once again I actually glided all the way to the ground. It is amazing the feelings you get after your feet touch down. Reality starts to settle in and I stood in my harness and watched in 35 degree heat the gaggle fly over me. I was very dissapointed and new that now I had no chance to become the new World Champion. Looks like I will have to wait untill the next one before I get the chance unless a lot of things change here.. It was not a good day for the aussies droppping some positions as only Kraig and Scott made goal. Chris landed a few kms up the road from me and Dave was 30kms short of goal.