Friday, August 10, 2007

Day 1

Me and Chopper our Aussie driver after pulling out of the USA team due to his broken foot!!

Today was looking a little windy as it usally is here so a 142km task was set downwind. I missed the pilot briefing as I was working onmy glider making some major changes prior to the first day of the Worlds.Hmmmm probably not the best time but Kraig and I have been busy working on everyone elses glider and left our for the last moment.
The Aussies were feeling strong so we took to the air to battle on the rest of the world. We all took the 2nd start gate and it was Dave and I on top of the huge gagle of 100 gliders. I dove off and glided almost all the way to the ground and could not believe that the Worlds was flashing before my eyes. I manages to get a low well maybe very low save and catch back up to the leaders. Dave was out in front then got low like I did and watched us fly over. Kraig and I hooked up and were leading out for a few thermals before I went on a glide a little more to the right and got drilled and had to scratch back up. The lead gagle got away from me and I was now back with the rest of the field some 8kms behind.
Kraig was telling me that they were getting low and were now just trying to stay in the air so I slowed down got high and soon my other partner in crime Dave joined me again after his low save. We pushed on and he found a climb which got us back in front again. This was a day where the leaders were not getting rewarded for being out front.
I decided that I should stay high now only 35kms from goal so that I did not get leapfrogged right at the end and come 30th for the day as there were a lot of gliders within 5kms of me. I stopped for a light climb and they came in level or just below me and some kept going like Attila. He got low but hit a good climb and by the time we got there it was too late they were above us and getting ready for final.
We had a good tailwind and a low final showing 17:1 glide to goal at times and we still made it. Attila will be first followed by Carl walbank then Im not sure. I will cross the line 7th around 1 minute behind Attilla.
They are using gap 2002 here with th leading bonuses so maybe that will help me out today and increse my position. There were some many good pilots that were not at goal including the whole Brazilain team 4 of the Austrians and many more. It was a hard day and a very easy day to land but amazingly enough there were still about 40 pilots in goal.
We had 5 Aussies in goal just missing Adam who dragged down the Brazilians in the middle of knowwhere. I am guessing that Australia will be leading the teams event after day 1..