Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 7 Brasillia

Well the final day came all to soon and finally the conditions are getting good. The set a short 90kms task with 2 turnpoints making some crosswind legs before landing in the Esplanada. I think nearly everyone made goal as it was a pumping day. I was flying with Nene and Andre and we broke away from the gaggle after the first thermal. It was a close battle between Nene and Andre all day and I was just following them videoing the action as it unfolded. The winner completed the task in 1hr 17mins 66kph so you can see how good of a day it was. Check the vid below for the inflight entertainment. Sory about the windnoise on some of the video. Day 7 The final results are Nene 1st Andre 2nd and Me 3rd.For the full results CLICK HERE.