Thursday, December 03, 2009
I woke up at 5am hoping for a record day but saw no clouds so I kept sleeping. I kept waking up every half hour looking out my bedroom window and saw nothing but blue skies and a south wind blowing. Jonas and I eventually went to takeoff at 9am and setup with a few others. Big Jon and Judy came up a little later and I helped him setup before I launched. Jonas was first off and was up and soaring the Tim launched and also was climbing. I ran off and glided all the way down the ridge to the North East and hit a climb with Jonas. We climbed slowly up whislt the others were launching. I eventually topped out at base in the valley in front of launch waiting for the others to climb up.

Jonas and I left and headed over the back to Hinchcliff's launch and we climbed out to base in a strong 800fpm climb to 5,000ft asl. We did a long glide across the Kerry valley and hit a light climb. Jonas went searching down lower and eventually landed 10 mins later. I dove off and got low SW of Baudesert and hit a rough 400 fpm climb to 4,000.

Looking Back across the kerry valley towards Beechmont.

It was decided on Lake moogerah for a goal which is just before the beautiful Great Dividing Range. I stayed quite high untill just south of Boonah then I went downwind towards Mt French. I got a good climb there and headed to the south side of the lake for some clouds.

Looking at lake Moogerah from the NE with Cunninghams Gap in the background.

I did not get the lift I was looking for so I flew back to the lake to land. I hit a thermal right on the lakeside and cranked up again with a sea eagle. I then finally landed on the edge of the lake and was greeted by an old school friend. A few minutes later my Mum and Jonas arrived and Big Jon landed for the camera. A quick video from today.