Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Long Drive To Rio

It was now time to say goodbye to lovely Brasilia and head down to the big city of Rio De Janeiro. We left at 7:30am and headed for Belo Horizonte some 740kms away on a average road with bad drivers.. It was nice hot and the terrain was very dry rolling hills with cloudbase at about 12,000ft. About 40kms out from Belo Horizonte we had a front tyre blow out and managed to get off the road the safely and believe or not we were only about 100 metres from a tyre repair place. Unfortunately the tyre was stuffed so Gabor and I changed the tyre and kept driving to Belo where we found a big pirelli tyre centre and had to buy a new front tyre to continue our journey..1 hour later we were back on the road with only 450kms left. We still needed to eat dinner so after a couple more hours of driving we found a place that had a nice hotel with a bar and dinner downstairs so we decided to pull up camp cause it had already been 12 hours of driving and I was stuffed. We quickly settled into the room went downstairs ordered dinner along with some caparinhas. We stayed here untill closing getting drunk and telling stories from our recent travels. This was by far one of the cheapest places we had been as it was out in the sticks. The whole night including hotel dinner getting drunk and also breakfast cost us $50 aussie for both of us, Not bad hey!!! We then woke up a little hungover and continued the rest of the drive into Rio through the beautiful mountains in Petropolis. We arrived around miday and decided to stay in Copacabana so that Gabor could experience a night out again but this time in the big touristic city. Wow I think he is a bad influence on me before this trip I could count how many times I have drunk alcohol on my hands and now it seems that it is normal to wake up with a hangover!!! Yes that means we had another big night so if any of this does not make sense you can blame Gabor for getting me drunk once again!!!! Well that is all my brain can type right now so I will keep you updated as the trip unfolds around Rio!