Saturday, August 27, 2005

Jonny Wins

Yeah well today was a little better than yesterday with more clouds. The task was 89kms long with 3 turnpoints and to throw things off they used a 20km entry circle today and this made it difficult trying to figure out where to start. Well I failed miserably again on the start and ended up leaving 15 minutes later than everyone else and had to play catch up all day. I had a good run pushing low after the 1st turnpoint and hit a 700 up to nearly 10,000ft and had finally caught betinho and monex but the main gaggle was at least 10kms in front and I picked a slighty more upwind line to the 2nd TP and was rewarded with a good climb back to base. I then glided to the TP and then back towards the last TP on came in just above the main gaggle. I then pushed on did the last TP and headed for goal and hit 700up back to 9,500 and went on final glide and made it easy. I was fist in by about 20 secs then Ferro then I think Menin and Maskara after him.. Well Gabor labded short again today so he is starting to fall down the rankings a little now but he is still flying great and learning heaps.. Talk to you tomorrow