Friday, August 26, 2005

Day 5 For The T2`s

Well today was a similar forecast to yesterday light winds mostly blue and getting to 10,000ft later. Window opened at 12:30pm but there were a few pilots that launched and bombed out so there was not a big rush off the hill. About 15 minutes later someone hit a thermal in front of launch and I think nearly the whole field got into it. We hit a inversion at 6,000ft so we all headed off down the ridge and across the gap. Once the start opened I lead out over the back to the plateau where Betinho was hiding all by himself. Hit one low and the whole gaggle came in and joined, once again we were still only getting about 6,500 as the inversion was hard to break through. The next climb we got higher and then the next one after that we got to 9,500ft just over Brasilinha. Gugga, Nene, maskara and I were now on top and heading for the forest. I took a slightly different course line and got in front of the gaggle about 10 kms from the 1st TP at Sobradinho. I lead out all the way to the turnpoint then got low after it on the way back to Planatina and the gaggle caught back up to me. We then topped out and glided to the 2nd TP and I went more right again on course and ended up lower then everyone else at the last TP. I then decided to try going left of course line on the way back to goal as it was upwind and my only chance to win. Unfortunately I was not rewarded with a good run having to take light lift under the inversion. About 15kms out I finally hit a decent thermal and then went on glide for goal and got there easy. Nene will win the day in 2hrs 18 mins 110kms 3 minutes ahead of maskara and cambequira 3rd with me 4th 1 minute behind them. There were about 20 pilots in goal but there was one face that should have been there and was not. Yep finally Gabor after making 4 goals in a row and flying about 100kms everyday landed only 2kms short of goal today!!! Oh well he still flying great and he told me tonight that he has not had so many 100kms flights like this in row before. He is walking around with a big smile on his face and I can tell that he is learning lot here. We just had dinner and now we might go drink a few capirinhas to top the night off!!!!