Sunday, August 28, 2005

Last Day For The Litespeeds!!!

Well today was looking like a day that the scores would change around with a little overcast sky┬┤s and a bit more wind. They set a 92kms task with 1 TP down the ridge towards Formosa then to the esplanda. We had to start to the left of launch today which was interesting for spectators as we all went flying past in a huge gaggle. I once again had a bad start but decided to cross the gap low and was rewarded with a good climb on the otherside and this caught me back up to the lead gaggle. There was betinho,nene,gugga,maskara,michele and I all heading down the ridge towards the waterfall where I hit a light thermal and did a few circles cause I wanted to take some pictures of the scenic waterfall that we fly over. Nene,Gugga and Maskara decided to keep going past the waterfall to the next ridge to get upwind of the turnpoint. Betinho and I went straight onto the plateau and was rewarded with some good lift and the rest of the gaggle behind followed. I could see the top 3 pilots still trying to get up back on the ridge a good 5kms behind now. Betinho, Ferro, cambequira and I were now just rounding the turnpoint and headed for goal still 50kms away. Betinho and I pushed on low while the others hung back and hit one just on the edge of the forest but it was not that strong and the others came in above us. We all then headed off for planatina and Betinho now much lower hit one just after town and we waited for him to come up as it was shaded in front and we were approaching the high ground. I was now about 4 gliders down in the gaggle and decided to push on to Sobradinho as it looked like there was a good cloud forming and it worked I managed to climb a few hundred feet before the others came in level with me. I could see that the final was going to be pretty good air so I left 400up 19kms out still 500 metres to low for goal and I thought t he others would not follow but they did. we hit good air and did not have to circle again but ferro flying the new Litespeed S 5 managed to get me on final and passed me just before goal finishing 17 secs in front. Marcinho was 3rd also flying litespeed s 4 with Cambequira 4th just behind him. It was a good 5-10 minutes before Betinho arrived then probably another 15-20 minutes before any one else arrived. gugga came in I think next and we waited for while for the current leader maskara to arrive probably another 20 minutes later. Nene,Michelle,monex will not make goal and all land about 15 kms short. Well I would say that maskara will win with Gugga 2nd and Cambequira 3rd? It will be changing a lot in the top 10 after todays round. I should move up from 10th to 6th at the best. It is now time to party the night away and try and learn that brazilian dancing!!!!! Gabor did not do so well today as he nearly bombed out after the start gate and once he got back up he decided to just go and land on the main road behind launch for a easy retrieve.. He flew really well and did about 24 hours of flying in the last 7 days so he is walking around with a big smile on his face. Tonight will be the first night that he has gone out since we have been so he is in for big night as there will only be sleeping to do tomorrow.!!!! Tchau