Sunday, August 21, 2005

We Arrived In Brasilia

Well after a very long wait in the airport some 15 hours later we had Gabor and the gliders. Betinho was there and a few others to help we then went back to Nixons house and went to bed at 2 am on the floor. We put all the gliders together in the morning after a few hours of sleep then at 1pm we started the long 12 hour drive to Brasilia. We arrived there very late or should I say early morning and once again only got a few hours of sleep. The weather was supposed to be good for flying today but I had not built my hangglider yet and still was wearing the clothes that I left Texas in as my harness and clothes had still not arrived. So Gabor decided he wanted to fly so he went with Dorival to launch early and I went out a little later to watch... When I arrived Gabor had not set up yet as he managed in his jet lag state to forget his battens and basebar from the car!!! Oh well I guess we were not meant to fly today, It was good for Gabor to go out there and have a look at the launch and learn some things. We then went back to Betinho┬┤s where I started to assemble my 2001 litespeed frame with a new sail. I did not get to far before dark so I left the glider there so that I could do it in the morning before going flying. I got a call from the airlines to say that my bags had just arrived so we went to the airport and got them.. Nice I have a harness and some clean clothes it is all starting to fall into place.