Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Brazil Day 1 and 2

Well it is hard here to get to the internat after flying so unfortunately it will have to be short. Day 1 was a 99.9 km task to Formosa down the ridge then to brasilla. 39 pilots made goal with cambequira flying a t2 winning the day in 1hr 37 minutes with Gugga just behind and me just behind him. gabor made goal as well and placed 27th for the day not bad considering it was his flight into the big city and i even captured it on camera. We then decided to go out and celebrate with a few caparinhas oh man was I feeling good this morning.. Day 2 slightly stronger wind with a 111km task with 3 turnpoints to try and sort out the field. There were a lot of pilots in goal again but I think there were a few that started to early and will get zero for the day. UMMM yes gabor was one of those lucky pilots but I believe he still had a lot of fun making goal 2 days in a row, you guys better watch out when he comes home he will be on fire.. It looks like leonardo maskara won the day on another t2 with marcelo ferhho just behind him then Dorival then me a few minutes later. Betinho and andre were leading and landed 15kms short near sobradinho..... Looks like I will be 2nd or 3rd overall and no points between us yet.. When I get the website details I will post the scores.. gabor and I are tired tonight so we will probably have a early night and not watch the sunrise!!!