Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hero To Zero

Well today the wind was very light so they set a 110 kms task with 3 turnpoints over the back on the plateau. After launching and climbing out to 3,000ft above betinho and I decided to dive onto the plateau as we needed to fly 10kms to get to the start. I went more to the left hoping to get another thermal coming off the ridge but did´nt so as I got lower I decided to dive back to the gap and try my luck again as I thought I would land if I went any further. Betinho kept going and got up from low and I was now looking very sad way below launch and in deep. I headed out for the bombout and got one out front climbed back up and dove back to launch and hit another one to 6,500ftasl. I was now still 10kms from the start and I could see everyone else high on the plateau about to start. I raced toward the the first turnpoint and soon found myself low and drifting into the boonies but eventually got back up and started 40 minutes aftereveryonee. I was not in the best state of mind and I decided to try and play catch up which only lasted about 15 minutes as I hit big sink and I was on the ground before I could get upset...:( Oh well what can you do it was a good learning experience and hopefully I won`t make the same mistake again.. Betinho will win the day with Gugga and Nene just behind him then there will be a 10 minute gap before the next pilot arrives. The scores will be changing around a lot aftertoday'ss task. Gabor who just can not seem to land anywhere but the esplanada will make goal last but only about 15 pilots in their. He is flying great and would be right up there if he did not stuff up the other day.. I guess that is about it fortoday'ss goss and I will hopefully bring you better news tomorrow!!!!!!