Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Day 3 Down

Well after what looked like was going to be a shitty day it turned out ok. They set a 81 kms task to Planatina then Sobradinho then goal Esplanada. It was a blue day with average climbs to 6,500 ft asl, which is only like 3,000 ft over the plateau. There was only one start again at 2:15pm which obviously every one took. I was leading out in front and decided to cross onto the plateau early but no one else followed me and I was soon low and all alone. I could see the others flying along the ridge more upwind of me getting a higher and stronger climbs. I evntuall got up and hit a boomer which now put me a little in front of the gaggle and on course line more. I kept charging hard as today I was flying Andre wolf´s litespeed as he decided not fly cause he thought it was shitty. I have been having some troubles with my glider as there has not been much time for me to tune it cause I am always fixing other gliders. Anyway I got to the first TP and was about 1,000 ft higher than the gaggle that was gliding in below me. I pushed onto the 2nd TP and hit a 600 up about 6kms short top out did the TP then headed toward goal where I hit another 500 up and topped up a little then went on final to goal.. I finally win a day here I think the first time ever in a Brazil comp!!! Gugga will be next in a couple of minute behind then Monex just behind him. They are using the scoring system that has leading bonuses so it might be the first day that is worth a 1000 points as I lead from start to finish.. Gabor is on fire he made goal again today and is very happy except for he scored zero yesterday as he started 1 minute before the clock, he was not alone. It is a little confusing cause there are a lot of free flyers here to confuse people. But he still made goal and would probably be coming like 15th or so if he had not stuffed up!!! Watch out Canungra boys when he gets back he will be a hard man to beat.. I will now be leading the comp overall with Gugga just behind then I am not sure after that.. We are going to go celebrate with a few more capirinhas tonight I think!!!