Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Party Boys

Where to begin.... The night started off in Dorrivals room drinking a bottle or two of Red Bull and vodka. The vodka here is so cheap that I could afford to buy nearly the most expensive 1 litre bottle for $7 aussie bucks and well the Red Bull was free. So the night was ticking on so we thought that we had better go to the presentation party now at 11pm so that we did not miss the awards ceremony. When we arrived there it was a half indoor half outdoor party with a band playing outside and hardcore dance music inside. We quickly settled into some capirinhas and cruised the party looking for other pilots. At about 1 am it was now time for the presentation so the band stopped and everyone gathered around to see who the champions were. When you are standing up there on the stage there are so many people that you have a hard time believing your receiving an award for hanggliding and think you must be a king or something like that!! Yes well Gugga was the champion for the week after passing Maskara on the last day to hold on to his title from last year. I would love to tell you more about the party but to be honest it starts getting blurry after now all I can remember is that Gabor and I stumbled into the room at 6am and slept untill midday. I think we have some photos so when I get home I will post a few on the blog.