Monday, July 13, 2009

Pre Europeans Day 2

With better weather they set a 133km task with 3 turnpoints. We launched and spent the next 1 hr in rough scratchy lift getting to no more than 500m above launch. I was begining to think that they had over called the task a little as they conditions were not as they expected. I was not high enough to do the 1st start and also sunk out justt before the 2nd start. I eventually went back to takeoff and did the 3rd startgate alone with many others. We raced carefully along the ridge to the 1st turnpoint and then back to launch. I did quite well and passed many pilots along this stretch. Pilot Briefing. I then crossed the valley toward the 2nd turnpoint and caught up to some more pilots and climbed to base. We glided into the 2nd turnpoint and I got low and had to scratch a little there. 2 gaggles from behind got high and overtook us at this point. I eventually find a good climb and got high. I did a long glide glide and came in below the gaggle on the next ridge 25kms from the 3rd Turnpoint. I went a different way there and passed the gaggle and was doing good all the way to the 3rd turnpoint. I left for final with a few others that had followed me and I got drilled on a 8:1 and decided to go right to the ridge to climb. I never climbed that well and I saw the others in the valley gliding for goal. Looking NW towards El Turbon from the 2nd turnpoint. They all made goal and I was still stuck there trying to get enough height I eventually left again and got drilled and aborted final but the guys below me kept going and made it..Hmmm I was doing something wrong yes I spent the next 20 mins climbing in a very slow climb with Martin Harri just to make sure we could make it. I saw nearly 2 gaggle go past us up high and at that point I decided it was to late to do well. Gerolf landed below me and a few others did not make their finals. Blay will win the day taking the first start and leading the whole day winning in a time of 3hrs 05 mins. I ended up taking 3hrs 37mins and will place probably about 25th for the day .. All I can say is Im glad it is not the worlds, I made to many silly mistakes in the last 15kms which cost me dearly. Enjoy today videos below. Today's video.