Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Worlds day 8

Today was looking good with blue skies and moderate wind. It seemed like a northerly at about 20kph but for some reason they sent us to aspre launch. I love that launch cause it is green grass for set up and no walking of the gliders. When we arrived on launch it was clear that we were on the wrong takeoff as it was blowing 10kph from behind launch. They said the wind would swicth around later in the day and everyone rigged up except for me. Pilot Briefing. I waited untill I saw the wind decreasing and just before breifing I decided to set up and get ready as the winds swung a little in our favour. We had briefing and they wind continued to be cross so another briefing was called and times were delayed 30 mins. Wild Mushrooms on launch. As soon as the window opened I was in my harness waiting on launch knowing that it would be hard to get off and get up so we needed all the opportunity. I was first on launch in my lane and did not want to be first off into the unknown. Soon Manfred launched from the lane next to me and everyone mooved to the hillside as he went tailwind down the valley. He dissapeared around the corner and there was a pause on launch for sometime. I asked Tim to go to the top of the hill to see if he could see Manfred getting up. He relayed that he was climbing slowly low in the valley. It was still unlaunchable so I waited then I herd Manfred had a good thermal and was climbing to cloudbase. As soon as it cycled up I ran off and pulled vg on and glided down the valley untill I got low. I hit a thermal and drifted slowly toward a little hill where Manfred had climbed on. It took me 45 mins of intense flying low before I eventually got a good thermal and climbed to cloudbase. Only 3 other pilots had launched in this time mostly because of the wind but also I think there were many people that did not think they would get up. I did 1st start with manfred and Antoine and was nearly at the turnpoint when I herd that the launch had been closed. They said that the task was still on but it would not be worth many points as only 6 pilots got off the hill. I said no worries I'll keep going as there is only a few points seperating me from the guys in front. As I approached the Turnpoint they told me that the day had been stopped and it would score zero so I may as well head back to camping and land. I was with Antoine and we turned tailwind and headed back 40kms to the camp site. The house were we are staying. I flew back over Chabre and it was also not that great there with crosswinds probably something to do with the storms that were building to the south. Another day over I did well getting off and up and in position and if they had of not closed launch I was in for a great day due to my early risk taking. below is todays video.