Friday, July 10, 2009

Jonny takes the silver.

Jonny with his Silver medal. Well after 2 long weeks of flying the comp finally finished and the awards were given. After not flying at 100 percent during the comp I was very happy to end up on the podium in second place. On the podium with the top 10. Alex Ploner flew very well and consistant throughout the whole event even though he never won a day. He is a very deserving winner and an extremely nice guy on the ground and in the air. Wearing the Aussie flag listening to the Italian Anthem. Alex is the current Rigid world champion and placed 5th in the last worlds in Texas. There were many others that flew very well but had one bad day which includes Antoine who scored only 200 points one day, Atilla who scored 100 points and Manfred who also bombed the last day. The Podium winners. It was said the World's was like watching the Melbourne Cup horse race, you just never knew who was going to win as the results were changing as fast as the weather.