Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Worlds day 9

A 131km task was set with 4 turnpoints bring us back to the camping. launching was difficult again today and there were many didgy takeoff's. When it came to my turn the wind was starting to blow from behind and Manfred was pushing and insisted that we should launch from the other side of the mountain. After a discussion they allowed us to takeoff from the north side. I was first off that side and only a few others followed before they returned to the south launch. I did a long glide climbed out way down the ridge then waited at the start for sometime in a huge gaggle. With a 20km exit we were all in one place which made for a great crowd and good filming. One thermal of pilots another 30 where I am at. The gaggle stayed together for a long time and not long before the 1st turnpoint things seperated a little. I managed to get myself very low in the valley after getting drilled leighside and had a low save. Many from behind got high and went passed me at cloudbase while I was climbing. Unfortunately they stopped the task when I had rounded the 3rd turnpoint and was high just behind the lead gagle. However they move the time back 20 mins and at this time I was trying to recover from my low save. Many pilots will be in front of me now after this decision as I had just spent 20 mins climbing back to cloudbase. Felow Australian Curt warren. There were some unhappy pilots as the day was cancelled to early (in my oppinion) and it was possible to complete the task as some pilots went ahead and did. Most of us flew straight back to Laragne and landed at goal without the last turnpoint. Here is todays video of a huge Gaggle at the start point.