Monday, June 29, 2009

Worlds day 7

Today was looking good with light winds they set a 166km triangle task with goal back at Laragne. It was a bit of a shambles on takeoff today as they were really trying to puch us off the hill and many pilots were not ready. I managed to get ready just in time and once I launched I would spend the next 1.5 hrs in the air waiting for the first start. I started way to the south all alone thinking I was doing right thing. After the first glide I was almost at the bottom of the 65 glider gaggle and needed to do something special to get away. I pushed chasing the lead guys from low and slowly was cathing them. Curt and I were flying together as a team and we made some good decision and b the time we got half way to the 2nd turnpoint we were in front. We kept pushing hard and were in front with Manfred, Alex,Elio and Mario. This would be the most spectacular part of the flight flying along a mountain that is 10,000ft high and cloudbase is about 8,000ft. It felt unrealistic racing along this ridge it made you feel so small against this Giant mountain. We raced down to the turnpoint and back along the ridge before jumping into the next valley toward the last turnpoint. Our gaggle was in front and pushing hard into Pic de bur mountain the highest one around this area. We had a great climb of 900 fpm to around 3,000m before heading off to toward the last turnpoint. Curt and I topped up 20kms from the turnpoint before heading into the blue hole. I arrived at the turnpoint just below the ridge and Christian Vioblet was climbing good just behind the ridge 500 feet higher but I missed the thermal. I was stuck low there for a little bit and Zac and Christian Ciech came in above me. We eventually climbed out in a pretty good climb but I got pinched off at about 2400m and had to push back forward to Manfred who was climbing well back on the turnpoint ridge. That thermal also stopped and then we headed off toward goal. Manfred stopped along the way with Antoine and I kept pushing on with Curt low onto the hills in front. We hit a climb but was not strong enough and Manfred came in above us. The 2 Christians a french guy and Zac were high and heading off on final for goal above us now. Our thermal kicked eventually and we all went on final for goal. I had a good final and finished I think 6th for the day behind Manfred and Curt was just behind me. A good day for the Aussies today and I will move up 5 places into 7th overall now. I have a short video of today task below. Worlds Day 7 video.