Monday, July 06, 2009

Worlds last day.

Was looking like a great day with light winds and a 154km triangle called. This is just what you want for a deciding task many options and lots of decision making. I think nearly all pilots did the first start after the last 2 rounds begin stopped task. Dustin and I were first out of the gate and as I looked behind me I could see nothing but leading edges heading my way. After the first turnpoint the gaggle spit in 3 as there were many different ways to go to the next turnpoint. I followed Atilla and Thomas who was in the 4th just to be on the safe side. We went far left toward Aspre launch which was the slow way. I decided to cross the valley when I saw the others heading into the leeside over Aspre launch. Alex who was in second was the only one to follow me across the valley. It turns out that he already knew that the King Manfred was on the ground at the 1st turnpoint. All he had to do was to follow me and make sure I did not beat him to become the new world champion. I was totally unaware of the situation and just assumed he was securing second place. After the 2nd turnpoint I manged to get away from him and about 30kms before the last turnpoint I got the news that Manfred was on the ground. I was excited knowing that the clour of my medal had already changed as long as I made goal. I knew that 200 points was hard to catch but I was up for the challenge carefully. I started pushing hard without taking to many risk and I rounded the last turnpoint a little low. The guys I was with were now at base above me and heading to goal. I decided that I needed to get to base and take no chances now. I could see the others gliding to the left of course line in front I started to follow them under the clouds. At Sisteron I detoured to the right as I could see them climbing slowly in front and to the left. I went for a cloud street and got good air for final. I lefdt at 13:1 at turnpoint and as I was gliding it was getting better. I soon saw Dustin just in front of me climbing from low and I did a few circles above him until I herd a wind report from goal. I was off and I raced all the way in to goal thinking I was going to be first as I was now passing the guys that went left down the valley. I arrived at goal and soon saw Nene's glider there in front of me. I never saw him all day and he arrived 13 mins before me. I was still stoked and all I needed now was for Alex to have a slow run and I could become the Champion. 10 more gliders crossed the line and still no sign of Alex,, Hmmmmm Then comes one low and fast it is Alex he crosses 17 mins after me but as Nene won the day so far in front of me he stole all the points. Alex is the 2009 World Champion and he knows it when he crosses the line. There was a whole team of cyring Italians as they were so happy for the fellow countrymen to win the Worlds. I was also very happy after having a couple of mistakes early in the comp and I moved up everyday. It will be the first time I believe that an Australian had been on the podium since 1988. Christian said to me that I had done a fantastic job considering I was flying the comp as a reporter and not a competitor.:-) I hope you all enjoyed the videos and sorry for the delay in getting them up so late. I had to concentrate a little at the end to move up some places. Today video.