Monday, July 06, 2009

Worlds day 11

Back to Aspre and a short task is called to due to the risk of storms again. They decided on a 115km task with 5 turnpoints ending up back in Ribiers. I decided to cross the valley at the start and it took me forever to get up and I missed the first start. I managed to be at cloudbase for the 2nd start and I was off and racing in good postion with a handful of others. We made the first turnpoint quickly and raced for the second one low. I got the jump on the gaggle and glided into the 3rd turnpoint and joined the 1st start gaggle. This turned out to be one huge gaggle and then we crossed the valley to the 3rd turnpoint. I was pushing hard through this section and was rewarded for doing so. After the 3rd turnpoint I had a strong climb 5-6 m sec and climbed to base 3,000m. I then went on final glide doing the last 2 turnpoints along the way. There was strong headwind and big sink the last 12kms to goal and many landed short. I made goal just in front of Manfred and won the day in 2hrs and 5 mins. Here is today video.