Saturday, June 27, 2009

Worlds day 5

We all went up to the north launch at Chabre and I think 99 percent of pilots set up. I was the only one that never unzipped my glider as I could see there was quite a big chance of no flying. The organisers continued to set a task and have a pilot briefing like the sky was blue and there was not tower cu nimbs above us. About 10 mins after pilots briefing the cancelled the day. Most of the pilots flew down to the camping after a quick fly. Some pilots were buzzing takeoff and this was enough to motivate me to borrow a glider to test fly to have some fun. I found one had a few passes and test flight before landing 3 minutes before the rain. Many pilots were caught out and about 30 landed in heavy rain. A made a short video of the day for you to check out. Video below..