Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pre Europeans Day 1

Well so many different pilots here and a total of 130 pilots make for big gaggles and many positions to loose. After a stable forecast the task committee decided on a 66km task with 4 turnpoints. Day 1 task The launch window opened at 2pm and the first start at 3pm. It is a open window and there were many pilots taking the early launch. I waited a bit as I did not feel like extra gaggle flying before the start gate. The thermals were only going to about 500m above takeoff and it was rough and punchy. I was not in position for the first start and saw that many of the top guys did that start so I knew I had no choice but to do the 2nd start. I did not have the best start but after doing the first turnpoint I soon found myself in front of the second starters. I kept leading all the way around the 2nd turnpoint and to the 3rd. climbing out above launch. I came in below the 1st start guys at the 3rd turnpoint but missed the thermal and was left scratching low. The second staters then came in above me as we did the 3rd turnpoint. Primoz went far to the right over a area that had few landings and few options so I detoured more to the left. He got a good thermal and got high but had to fly over the lake to the last turnpoint. I got low over the platau but managed to find a good climb and topped out 2kms from the last turnpoint. I did the turnpoint and headed for the ridge as this is the best way to make it to goal as there is lift and less valley wind. I met Primoz and gacgu and we raced into goal. They both beat me across the line as I tried for a more straight line. They hit more lift on the ridge and gained more height for the final. Many made goal and I think Gerolf will win the day as he did the first start and was only 5 minutes slower than us. Was a great first day and even though it was a short task there were technical parts and many top pilots did not make goal. I think there will be a total of about 60 in goal. Here is today video sorry there is no in air filming as it was a little rough with big gaggles and on course was no time to film. Just some takoff interviews and goal stuff.