Friday, June 26, 2009

Worlds day 4

Todays forecast was to be stronger winds from the WNW so they were unsure for awhile to send us for takeoff. They eventually decided to go to Aspre launch which was a great choice as there was plenty of room and a great launch. Gliders on launch. A 126kms task was set with 2 turnpoints basicly and out and return landing back in Laragne. I did the first start then turned back thinking that maybe on the way home people might get stuck and I could catch them. I had a bad start and ended up behind from the word go. I did my own thing and managed to overtake the second start gate guys before the last turnpoint. I was just in front of them and was pushing hard with Antoine. I decided to go out into the valley instead of running deep into the high mouuntains as there are not great landings back there. I spent a lot of yesterday there and opted for the wide route with plenty of landings. It seemed that I was not alone with this decision and probably was half going one way and the other half going the other way. We struggled a bit on the lower mountains and did not have many great climbs stopping around 7,000ft.They guys on the high mountains were apparently getting 10,000ft and seemed to have a much better run than us. I eventually made goal coming in about 16 accross the line but some of the ones in front did the first start. Manfred beat everyone by a decent margin and was 50 minutes faster than me. Some of the other top pilots had bad days too so I should move up some places anyway but am losing to the first place. Todays Video.