Thursday, June 25, 2009

Worlds day 3 task 1

Today was looking great and a 162kms task was set with 4 turnpionts. Everyone climbed out easily from takeoff and had no problems making the first start gate. Task Briefing About 15 pilots did the first start but I waited for the second as I noticed most of the top pilots were holding back due to the long course. I was off and high with Andre hot on my heels gliding to the first turnpoint. We had a good climb and kept pushing hard in front slowly catching the first starters. We rounded the turnpoint and charged off to the 2nd turnpoint. Just before we got to the turnpoint we had nearly caught most of the 1st starters and by the time we rounded the turnpoint we had caught them. Gliders on Launch We had a very rough thermal and I have never seen so many gliders out of control trying to thermal up together in my life. I got sick of it and left first on glide and as soon as I left everyone followed me across the valley. We were rewarded with a good smoothe climb to 2,800m and I glided straight to the 3rd turnpoint with Jeff O brien and Andre and a few others. We hit a good climb there but I left it early as I saw some sailplanes circling good in front under a cloud street. No one else followed me this time. I guess this is where I made my biggest mistake of the day, I missed the thermal and glided into the area where there was no landing only valleys of trees. I soon ha dno choice but to dive onto a little ridge that was facing the wind and try to ridgesoar. I did this for sometime watching the others one by one fly over me as I was pushing the boot of my harness quite intensly. I rarely put myself in a situation where I cant get out of but today I was there. Soon later I saw 1 glider in front of me also not in a great spot circling but going knowhere. The gliderr crossed the valley as he had no other option and onto the hill in front of me and dissapeared. As I could not see what was around the corner I was scared to leave the hill I was on but I soon saw this glider getting up so I dove around the corner and to my suprise it was the World champion Atilla. Atilla was happy to see me and I found a good thermal and we managed to climmb out of our danger zone. I could his smile when I climbed up to him, Now it was time to play catch up for the last 60kms. We caught many gliders up that had gone past us while we were saving our lives and eventually made goal. There was lots in goal and many landed just short due to the strong headwind down low. I really enjoyed parts of the flight and was scared in some parts but if we can get 8 more days like this we will find a new world champion and a deserving one. Here is todays video..