Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Almost Home

So after a couple of long nights in Sao Paulo with Menin I boarded the plane in route for London. Some 12 hours later I arrived in Heathrow airport where I stayed in transit for another 5 hours before boarding my singapore airlines flight to Singapore. I have now just arrived after another 13 hours of fun. I think that this would have to be the best airlines I have flown with so far, the meals are great the service is really good and I even managed to get a whole row of 4 seats to myself. If that is not good enough you then also have you own tv with about 30 movies to choose from and you can start them anytime you want. This was great but I had to decide between staying awake watching movies or making use of my perfectly flat bed. they also have free wireless internet on board but you need your own laptop!! UMM I guess that will have to be next toy. Anyway I am going to check out this airport and maybe even the swimming pool for a nice relaxing swim.. talk to you all soon..