Monday, May 18, 2009

Flying in LA at Kagel.

Kraig and I went to kagel to pick up some gliders and to have a day of flying with the crew. My uncle Tim also cam along for the journey to drive for us and to fly his model planes. It was a crowded carpark when we arrived we chatted and met the crew before heading up the hill. We decided on flying a different site called Towers which has a sealed road to the top unlike Kagel. It was a full Moyes Boys set up area all flying Litespeeds apart from Andy who was test flying the Litesport for his birthday flight. Andy reaching for the clouds on his B day. Chris was first to launch and did not make it look good as there was a strong inversion at about 3200ft. This was below launch height so we were in for a struggle. Below is the video that I made for the day.