Monday, May 11, 2009

Keep Jonny Flying and Filming.

Well after 1 and half years of filming with my Cannon SD 870 it is finally wearing out. I bought this camera so that I could have something small and easy to use in the air so that I could bring the latest films to you eyes. If you feel that you have gained knowlede or simply just enjoyed the video's and would like to donate some smalls funds back it would be greatly appreciated. This is an expensive sport and with help from many people I would not be able to produce these video's from all around the world for you. Any donations wouldbe greatly appreciated as I am now about to head off to Europe for the Spanish Nationals, The World Championships and the Pre European's. Below is where you can send money tooo.. Many thanks to my already sponsor's MOYES,RED BULL,FLYTEC,BLUE EYE,NOMIS,SENSAIR.
Many many thanks.. Jonny durand.