Monday, May 11, 2009

Flytec Race and Rally Day 7

The Final day of the Rally saw a 144kms out and return task. I was last to launch and broke my 6 month old weaklink and had to retow. I knew then that I was going to have a great day. I was up at base for the 1st start and only a few people went on course. I waited for the second one and headed off with the biggest gaggle I have seen all comp. We hit the first thermal and I let them head out on course before turning around for the 3rd start. I had not as good as start as the 1st attempt but hit 3 good thermals and before I knew it I was caught up to the main gaggle with only Dustin and carl in front. I was leading out and we hit a big blue hole about 30kms before the turnpoint. I stepped lightly but we started to get some good thermals one even was a 900fpm climb. I saw Dustin in this thermal which was only 3kms from the turnpoint so he was 6kms in front. I quickly raced off with OB following me and headed back on course line towards goal. We had some 4-500fpm climbs and then we did a long glide and got down to 1400ft. After some time the thermal kicked to a 5-600fpm climb and the rest of the gaggle came gliding in below us. we pushed on leaving at 4,000ft and glided across the lakes before hitting a light climb at 2,000ft. We had several low saves for the next 25kms drifting slowly towards goal on every climb.Jeff got down to 900ft and pulled out a 300fpm climb and we climbed out to 3,700ft. We hit one more thermal 8kms out from goal and then glided in. He beat me in by a few seconds but I had started 15 minutes later and was just so happy to be in goal and win the final day of the comp. Jeff flew really well and got up from low on many occasions and deserved his result. The flytec Rally was so much fun and everyone really enjoyed themselves throughtout the whole week. I am really looking forward to doing more of these events. I hope you all enjoyed the videos and I will do my best to keeo them coming as I compete around the world. Below is the last days video.