Monday, May 04, 2009

Flytec Race and Rally Day 1

With 30 pilots and a sky full of clouds and a south wind things were looking epic. It is amazing to think that 9 months ago a 205kms task was set for the first day of the rally. The conditions were a bit light early but once on course things came good and we were blessed with cloud streets to the horizon. I had a great start and was out in front pushing hard all day Cambell caught up to me on the rigid after about 60kms. We both got low and once we go back up Glen volk and Zac joined us. We flew together for the next 30kms and then I managed to get back on top and was pushing hard again. We had a big cloud street that we were following and when I got to the last of it I pushed on through a 400 up and got low. The others stopped behind me and climbed and after scratching back up I flew back headwind away from goal to get a better climb. Dustin went over the top of me and was following Glen and Zac who were about 5kms in front now. Dustin got low and hit a climb so I dove off for him and arived about 300 feet below him and missed the climb. I spent a long time trying to get back up with the 2 Jeff's. 2 more climbs then it was final glide into goal. I was with Jeff(OB) about 20kms out and we went different ways on final both had to stop and climb and we arrived at goal on the same second. It was a very beautiful way to finish such a great flight. 17 out of 26 pilots made the 205km goal. Today's video..