Thursday, May 07, 2009

Flytec Race and Rally Day 4

After raining most of the night we woke up to low cloud base and a clearing sky. The winds were not to strong to fly but were not in our favour for the task. We were taking off and heading for Americas today some 119kms away. We had use of the big airport just outside of town which was an absoulte delight as it was so big. The people were extremely friendly and it reminded me a lot of Big Spring texas. They had an airconditioned terminal with internet and all not to mention the best chocolate chip cookies. Launching all went well except for me who nearly locked out toward the hangars and ashphalt. I managed to get it back and hold on to the top of the tow where I found some broken lift. It was a hard day the lift was broken the clouds looked good but did not work. Quite a few pilots landed early in the start circle which almost claimed me at one point. Once on course things never really got much better and we scratched our way along in 15knt crosswinds. I was flying with Carl most of the day as Davis and Dustin got dropped off after the 2nd thermal and spent time staying in the air and going downwind. Carl and I never got to cloudbase after we left the airport and spent most of our time between 2-3000 ft agl. We eventually caught up with Zac,Glen and kevin who were out in front and we flew together for 1 thermal. Zac ended up landing and Glen and I went upwind more and found a thermal in the blue while Carl and Kevin went downwind and found another thermal. This turned out to be our last thermal well for me at least and I glided from the highest I had been all day (5000ft) all the way to the ground. I landed 17kms short of goal and Glen went more downwind and managed to beat me by 200 meters. I have now moved back up some spots and closed in on a big margin of points that I was behind.3 more days to go. For the latest RACE AND RALLY SCORES CLICK HERE Today's video.