Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Flytec Race and Rally Day 3

Today was going to be our longest task of 232kms with a 15mph crosswind. It was thought that we would all want to start early but conditions did not allow it as it was blue and weak lift early. I started high and on the first start at 12:30pm with most of the guys following me. I went more on course line and they all lost me straight away, as they went more downwind. I flew by myself seeing Cambell a few times on the rigid and much more on course line than the othes. Eventually Dustin caught up to me and we flew together for 2 thermals before I dropped him off low. I flew alone again all the way until the last thermal where Dustin came in tip to tip with me. We then did a final glide as the the weather had fully overdeveloped in front of us. Dustin went a little left on our final glider and hit some 50 up for awhile and pulled some height on me to make the extra 800metres. Day 3 Video.