Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Flytec Race and Rally Day 2

Today was looking like another brillant day with clouds early and a light cross tailwind to goal. We launched and climbed out and then without knowing it we made the biggest mistake of the day. we all waited for the start gates thining it was going to get even better than it already was. I ended up doing the last start at 2:15pm when I could have started 30 mins earlier with a slight dissadvantage. I raced off and was doing well,caught some of the gaggle that started at 2pm and flew with them only to find out that 40kms from goal the seebreeze had set in. I pushed on through lift t rying to get to the last cloud before the seebreeze where Carl was climbing but never got the thermal and had to scratch. The others went downwind away from goal and managed to get up high again to cloudbase which got them further. I spent the next 2 hrs difting back and forth to make another 8 kms.After 4 hrs of flying I ended up landing not far from John Travolta's airstrip 31kms short from goal. Here is today's video..